Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Does France Have That We Don't?

My husband is handy.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before...

I went to the store yesterday to make ID tags for Autumn's Mousies and when I returned, Steve had sewn this cycling hat for Guy.  Looks pretty sweet!  He made this cap out of the fabric from a broken umbrella that we used to have on our back deck.  (Hello, MacGyver!)

Steve and I have been watching the Tour de France for the last three weeks.  He's sort of a cycle-head.  I enjoyed the very green scenery of the French countryside and the huge bike display that farmers made out of moving tractors.  (It's been dubbed the "tractor ballet".  You've really got to see it in action.)

Tractor Ballet:  Source
Last week, on the way to church, Steve and I were noticing the beauty around us and he mused, "I mean, what does France have that we don't?"  

And he was dead serious.  I laughed out loud and then offered up, "Uh, really good cheese, amazing chefs, high fashion, and famous mountain ranges..."  (So I've heard...)  Ok, fine--I conceded.  Aside from all of that, our valley looks a lot like the areas where they race the Tour de France.  Who needs expensive cheese and world-class shopping, anyway? 

We've got everything that we need right here.

The Mousies...all tagged up.  The heart-shaped id tags tuck into their front pockets!

Kate Sherwood gave me the idea to name their story:  If You Give A Mouse Your Heart.  
Another view of the cycling hat a la Steve.


  1. France has awesome people though, you really should check it out :)

  2. I love the heart ID tags! Perfect. :)

  3. The cycling hat is way cool.

    Steve is impressing me.