Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book of Mormon Camp: Whatever Floats Your Boat

Book of Mormon Camp (Day 2) was big hit with my kids again today.  Many of you have asked for more details on our adventures in Book of Mormon camp.  First let me say, that I had nothing to do with the planning of this camp.  I am just joining in with my kids each day and helping out teaching on Friday, but it was all planned by some very dedicated and creative Moms from church.  

The women who have put this together are doing an excellent job.  There is a new set of teachers each day with fun ideas to teach the kids about these scripture stories.  And they make it very memorable for the children.

We made bows and arrows out of pencils and rubber bands in the first class as we discussed what Nephi did when his bow broke.  The little bows worked great, and the kids enjoyed target practice.

Then the children petitioned Laban for the brass plates in the second class.  Here the children are attempting to buy the plates, and when he said no, one of the kids grabbed the plates and they all ran!  Sneaky little kids!  The children also spent time writing (or drawing) their testimonies on their personal "brass plates" and then shared them with each other.

We learned about the liahona and Lehi's family's voyage through the wilderness in the third class.  The teacher of this class had a really neat "replica" of the liahona for the children to "find outside of their tent".  That was fun! 

When we all came back together, we made paper origami boats.  Our instructor told us that Nephi had to listen to God's instructions in order to make a boat that would float, and that we needed to follow her instructions exactly in order for us to make boats that will float.

As the children waited for their "milk & honey" snack in the Promised land, they all piled into an imaginary boat, and one of the teachers lead them through a big storm.  The kids enjoyed pretending to pitch and tilt with the waves and the wind while they were in such close proximity (sitting on the gym floor).  And the milk and bread with honey was a yummy tie-in.

Then they had free play time and ate lunch and we were finished for the day.

I just had to share one photo from yesterday...It's kind of a "ya had to be there" photo.  The kids were play charades acting out various stories from the Book of Mormon.  This group acted out Samuel the Lamanite standing on the city wall telling the people to repent.  This boy was hamming it up and enjoying playing the martyr as the other kids in his group threw arrows and marshmallows at him.  His mom and I had a good laugh watching his theatrics!

Can't wait to see what the teachers have planned for tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like an awesome camp for the kids to participate in !!

  2. how creative and helpful to the young ones to learn more of the gospel...

  3. Wow! That sounds like a GREAT program. Sounds like the adults get a lot of laughs from the kids too.

  4. How neat! I love the photo of the kiddos!

  5. Oh my stars! The women in your area are amazing!

  6. What a wonderful "camp" to participate in!

    There are so many camps to send our children to, but this one really is worth while!

  7. What a COOL idea! I'm going to have my DIL take a look.


  8. I LOVE this idea! Please share more details, as I'd love to do it!

  9. This sounds so great! I'd love to hear what they did for the other days of camp...I know this was almost a year ago and you may not remember, but if you do it'd be great to know more.  It sounds like the people in charge were very creative!