Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cherry the Beautiful!

In yesterday's post about our family and neighborhood 4th of July Parade, I mentioned that I would like to start a scrapbook dedicated to our Fourth of July Parade photos.

Little did I know that my good friend Cherry had already started one for me!  It was hand-delivered to my door by our trusty mailman today during lunch.  We were all thrilled by this very thoughtful, personalized gift.

Cherry took a recent post from my blog and infused it with some of my family history photos to create these very special scrapbook pages that will always be a treasure to our family.  I just love all of the quotes and details...just beautiful!

Thank you, Cherry!

Your friendship is truly a blessing to me!

I am overcome by your thoughtfulness!


  1. What a neat gift.

    A top notch friend...and a top notch scrapbooker, too!


  2. oh sweet friend to Jocelyn...thanx for this. Loved seeing my dad and godfather's pix. Special special gift.

  3. Hahaha! "Cherry the BEautiful"-I like that! That is why I was so excited about the scrap pages I sent you when I read about your plan of starting one for your 4th of July memoirs.

    And I am very happy that you loved it! I had fun doing it actually and now i am happier because you loved it!

    If you noticed i saved some space on the 2 pages for you to add whatever quotation or pictures you like to add. Enjoy making the continuation of your 4th of July Parade scrapbook!

    Thanks for your friend's[Sue] and Mom's[Susan] appreciation too![I'm a bit shy..]

  4. Sweet, you are a lucky girl to have such a wonderful friend! :)

  5. What a lovely thoughtful gift. I know that anything that you do to preserve special moments in life is important to do. A very sweet blessing for sure.

  6. Very Thoughtful! It will be great to look back over the years and see how it's grown, how people have changed, and perhaps even the places you've lived.
    Great idea.

  7. thats beautiful! what a good friend, indeed!

  8. What an amazing gift! You can see a lot of time and effort went into this. Now THAT is friendship!