Thursday, July 28, 2011

Growing Up

CareCub and the Mousies have been really hogging the blog lately, so I have one last post about our lovies to share with you and introduce you to Scarlett's special companion:  Her White Tiger, who we often refer to as "Ty-gee".  And yes, we have tons of photos of Scarlett with her little friend too!

After posting photos of Care Cub's restuff here on my blog, I noticed how flat-chested the other children's animals had become, so we took the morning to liven them up a bit.

The girls were all too happy to help out...and Guy had to get in on the act as well. He insists that Care Cub could also use another tune-up.

The end result is smiles all around, and joyous celebrating for the recharge of their little friends.

This summer has been all about learning how this whole growing up thing works...discovering what lies ahead of us in this journey of life.  So it is no surprise that this little book found its way into my hands at a used book sale last week.  

The illustrations caught my eye first, but when I brought the book home, it was the story that I fell in love with.

It is the simple story of what it means for children who are about my kids' age to begin to grow up and how to take joy in that experience, because now there are more things they can do, more opportunities to help, new adventures to explore, that couldn't be done when they were smaller.  

And boy have my girls been growing up this summer! Just yesterday, while I was sick, Scarlett took it upon herself to take out the kitchen trash!  Girl, what are you doing?  You are four! But she did an awesome joy and thought of it all on her own.  I expressed to her that her thoughtfulness and willingness to take on a big job like that to help me out was a sign that she was growing up.

I just love a good children's book.  They have been ever-so-helpful to me as I have taught my children these last five years (going on six)!

I've heard that the Kindergarten teacher/class assignment letters are going in the mail tomorrow should be a big day for us.  We'll be camped out by the mailbox all morning!


  1. what a sweet family and a joyous post!

  2. sweet post - I had that book when I was little. I loved it. I wonder if my mom still has it... I'll have to check.

  3. Very sweet post and wonderful pictures! Your children are adorable. I loved the book and would like to find one for my grandchildren when they are visiting.
    Blessings to you!

  4. Growing up is part of the plan but as you mentioned before when you were talking with Guy about having a special place in your heart for all the memories is a bitter sweet. I know in my brain that children growing up is the right thing especially when they can do things on their own. In my heart I want to keep the innocence and love and peace that they have as part of their natures. Maybe that is selfish.

  5. The friends are looking nice and plush now!