Tuesday, May 11, 2021

She teaches me how to plant...

I mentioned yesterday that Sunday was Coy's first day in Primary ever.  It was also Val's first day back at Primary since the Pandemic started.  And prior to that he only went for about two months!

One of the sweet parts of Primary for me is hearing the answers the children gave to the questions posed by the singing leader.

Question: What's one rule that your Mom has?

Val's Answer: "Make Mom happy."

Question: What is something that your Mother has taught you?

Val's Answer: "How to plant!"

We've done a lot of planting in the last few months...seeds, bulbs, seedlings, and plants.

This week, we planted a doozy: It will hopefully turn into a very large elephant ear that's about 5-6 feet tall!

I love planting with my children and watching things grow together.  And I'm very anxious to see what Val and Coy grow into as well!  I am still waiting to see what will happen to the seeds that I planted in my oldest children.  My prayers go out for them all every day.

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  1. sweet answers worth recording and remembering forward...especially on those challenging teenage years!