Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Mother and Protector

We got to attend Val's spring play at preschool this week, and boy am I glad I didn't miss it.

He was so sweet dancing around dressed like a crayon and teaching us to be kind through their little play.

At the end of the program they all recited a special poem about Mothers and handed out small gifts and certificates to the mothers on which each child finished the sentence, "I love my mommy because...."

Val said, "I love my Mommy, because she protects me."

I could not have been more flattered or felt more proud by his description of me.

He could have easily said, "She makes me sandwiches or lets me watch TV" as other kids did, but this just shows how observant this precious one is.

As Mom's, we don't always get the pats on the back, but this was a big one that I'll always remember.