Thursday, February 6, 2020

What Come Follow Me Looked Like One Day

Lately, I cannot get my kids to sit down and listen to scriptures unless food is literally going into their mouths at the very same time.  I guess this shouldn't surprise me that much, since we've used this as a strategy since they were little.

On Saturday, after a day of relaxing past-times (such as water-coloring, puzzle-solving, raclette cooking, and trash-collecting in the neighborhood, I sat down while dishes were being cleared from dinner and just started reading and interpreting the scriptures aloud.

I had a semi-captive audience.  I was really just doing my own personal studying amid the chaos, and as I'd discover one truth after another that I'd somehow missed the other 40 times I'd read the passages, I'd exclaim with excitement at what I had learned.  The kids would draw nearer and want to engage.

Soon, four of my kids were working on water color paints and passively listening while I read, jotted down notes, and pointed out what I thought was so amazing about what I had just learned.

Every day, it seems I approach Come Follow Me a little differently.  But this was one of those good days that I'll always remember.



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