Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Nephi's Example

I learned so much from the Book of Mormon this last week, but I thought I'd pop in here to share just one funny little occurance that happened in the grocery store parking lot.

Earlier in the week, while having a family discussion about the Book of Mormon, I told my family that Nephi is a great example who we can look to for how to act in all areas of our lives.  I pointed out that even though his brothers were terrible to him, he did not retaliate.  He did not "yell back". He is just such a great example to us.

A few days later, I found myself in the parking lot of the grocery store.  After putting my purchased bags of groceries in my trunk, I realized there were two items hiding in my cart that did not get scanned.  It was snowing, the kids were in the car.  I did not have any desire to go back in to the store.  So, I approached a stranger who was entering the grocery store and I asked him to take the unpaid-for items back inside for me.

It took me a minute to convince him this wasn't a set-up, but he agreed to help me out.  When I turned around, I was met by a man in a car who was waving his arms at me in an attempt to show me how annoying I was for being in his way (in the cross-walk mind you) for a few seconds longer than he thought needful.

Of course, what was a girl to do?  I returned his ridiculous arm-waving right back to him!

However, when I returned to my car and my kids, I heard my own words returning to me: "Nephi is such a great example.  Despite being yelled at and hit by his brothers, he did not retaliate."

I immediately felt that I could have done better.  

And later, I told my older kids about this moment.  

More than an instruction manual for how to respond during traffic tensions, the incident reminded and testified to me that The Book of Mormon truly can affect and improve every aspect of our lives, if we let it.

How lucky and blessed we are to have The Book of Mormon in our lives!


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