Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Come Follow Me: motivation

I feel like my kids need some incentive to really engage in Come Follow Me lately. And sometimes I'm ok with tying rewards to positive actions, especially if it gets us over a hump or out of a slump or ultimately leads to a habit that could some day save their spiritual lives 

So today, I'm trying a little reward system that is tied to lunch treats (which they rarely get but really want) or snacks for movie nights and such.

I figure if they write in their journal identifying principles, and reading on their own, that would be worth a reward. So for every two days they do this in a week, they can choose a snack from my snack box to pack in their lunches. If they manage to do it 7 days out of the week they can choose a special outing with Mom or Dad. (Or they can get more snacks. :)

Maybe that doesn't sound like much or maybe it's too much, but it is the strong desire of my kids to have both of these things/opportunities. I figure it will motivate all of us to be more diligent and serve another purpose... Rationing of school lunch snacks which seem to disappear at lightening speed in our family of eight!

What's in my snack box? Individual portions of Lucky Charms, Oreos, Cheezits, Fruit snacks, microwave popcorn packets, and other items I don't buy on a regular basis which they consider a fun treat.

Here's the seen from after school today. Challenge accepted, I guess:


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