Thursday, January 31, 2019

What you do in the morning could shape your whole year.

I'm still really enjoying singing primary songs with my little ones in the morning. If you're not sure what to do with them for #ComeFollowMe, start with a song and see what doctrine is taught that can be explored together. 

(Today, we sang, "Can a little child like me, thank the Father fittingly"...and we talked about how Joseph received revelation from God on how to protect Jesus as a child and that parents still can do this today.) I also love how the songs we sing have followed us throughout the day. I'll sit down mid-day and try to play it on the piano or an older child will come home singing it as soon as they enter the house. This makes me happy.

Also, do you have a spot to keep important references such as church magazines, the manuals, etc? I was using this organizer (pictured at the top of this post) for our scripture journals before the new year but for now it's housing those little Personal Progress, Faith in God and For the Strength of Youth booklets a nursery manual, song book, True to the Faith etc, that I want to be able to pull out exactly when needed.

One last thing, I keep one dedicated journal where we write down our goals each year, personal and as a family. We chart our progress there too. 

Lately, I've been reading and reviewing our goals with the kids each day and checking in with how they/we are doing. I think it's becoming a useful practice as it lead me to print out worksheets to help Autumn meet her goal of memorizing the Articles of Faith. I keep my planner handy also, so I can quickly jot down important things to do that day to help us with our goals. In this way scripture study really truly shapes our day.

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  1. Where did you get the printable worksheets for the Articles of Faith? I'm the Activity Day leader, and I need some for my girls. Thanks!