Wednesday, January 23, 2019

She's Growing Up Unto the Lord

With the recent policy changes, my oldest daughter was able to enter the Young Women's program about five months early.  She was also able to enter the temple.

I was so excited for her when I heard the news, and I was also excited to share the news with her.  Since she was home sick from school that day, it was fun to bring home lunch and talk about it.

She is so ready.

She has been growing her testimony and been growing in all the different ways. And it has been a beautiful time for us together as mother and daughter to share the exciting and wonderful experiences of growing together.

The picture at the top of this post was taken on the Wednesday night when she came home with her new temple recommend.  She was so pleased and wanted to talk all about it.

Scarlett is a girl who by and large makes good choices...and because she makes good choices, she feels good about herself, and this is a cycle that has really been quite an advantage for her.  She is confident in the Lord, He blesses her, she acts in faith, and she just grows and GLOWS!

It was really a special and happy day in the temple last Saturday when I took her for the first time to do baptisms.  Guy was there too and so were my parents. 

Scarlett was asked to be baptized for one of my friend's close relatives, so that was neat to see the connection that we all had in the temple.

But the thing I will remember most is the feeling of total JOY I felt as soon as Scarlett entered the font.

And it actually taught me something I had not previously considered.

Scarlett is joy personified.  Before she was even born, I got a glimpse into her personality and she is just a spritely, happy, playful, energetic spirit.  And those were the feelings I felt from the Holy Ghost while I watched her do baptisms in the temple.  It was a different type of spiritual joy than I felt when I watched Guy do baptisms in the temple for the first time exactly a year ago.  This spirit really matched Scarlett's spirit.  And I thought that was so very interesting!  I will definitely be thinking more about that.

Anyway, I am happy about and excited for all of these changes that the Lord through President Nelson is instituting...and I'm grateful for the many ways that they will surely bless our children!

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  1. The fruit of the tree from the book of mormon is so clear when in the temple...thx for sharing!