Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Teach Whoever Is Around to Be Taught

So one of the first mornings of teaching #ComeFollowMe lessons did not "take root" shall we say? 

My oldest stayed up too late and despite repeated (kind of me) helps waking up, he only got out of bed five minutes before he had to leave for the bus. So all he had time for was me showing him the white board (with notes on the parable of the shower, continuing on yesterday's comparisons of seeds and faith) and urging him to prepare himself to be "good ground" by going to bed early and get up on time so he can eat and study and nourish his testimony. 

So what do you do when things don't work out with one child? You teach whoever is around and ready to learn. And today that person was my two year old, potty training son Val who has been up since 4am. I made him some oatmeal (it was 6:15 am at that point) and he asked me to light a candle, because he knows that's something I normally do. So I lit the candle and Val asked to blow out the match. So I lit five more matches and he enthusiastically blew them each out. I told Val that the little light of a match is like a little testimony. We have to feed it so it can become a strong 🔥 that can't be extinguished. Then I turned on the gas flame on my stove top and asked Val to blow it out. Of course he couldn't. I said this is how strong we want our faith to be and it gets this way by supplying our testimonies with enough fuel to burn bright each day and over a lifetime. That fuel for our faith is scripture reading, serving others, keeping commandments, and having experiences where we rely on and trust in God and in His promises, etc.

I'm pretty sure Val finally fell back asleep poor little fella...and it's time for the next round of "students" to arise...
Update: I'm adding this as it goes with my experience today. From E. Bangerter: "Every parent faces moments of frustration and varying levels of determination and strength while raising children. However, when parents exercise faith by teaching children candidly, lovingly and doing all they can to help them along the way, they receive greater hope that the seeds being sown will take root within the hearts and minds of their children."

I have to remember not to get disheartened when one child is not ready to learn.  My job is to nourish and to love.  Their job is to learn.  The Holy Ghost's job is to teach.


  1. good thoughts for not loosing faith in the great battle for souls that this earth life is...

  2. We had a Stake YW training last weekend, and this is exactly what the YW President said. Even if only one girls shows up to an activity or class, teach them because that's what the Savior did. He focused on the one and we should too.