Monday, October 22, 2018

I Still Want My Monday Nights!

Hi there.  I'm excited for the church changes.  Everyone, please don't get me wrong, but every time I pour over what needs to be done/changed, I feel like I now have to take apart a puzzle that has fit together nicely for so long and there's now a new right answer.  And that's confusing for me.

For instance, I'm still unclear about how the curriculum changes will reshape our family's traditions.  We have for a long, long time always reserved Monday nights for Family Home Evening.  We have safe-guarded this night, always wondering when the year will come when our little ones will start to have things that will take them away from this sacred time that we have together. 

So far, it hasn't happened, because we've chosen over and over again not to let it far.  At least from what I've been able to understand, Monday Night for FHE activities are  still fair game...or whenever you want to have it for that matter.  I think for now, in our family, we'll keep enjoying our Monday nights together.  Sunday will continue to be our big Family Council day, personal interviews will be instituted, and we will explore the new curriculum too, of course.

For now, just know that I am really pondering this and praying for answers to my questions.  I really want to get to that sweet spot where I feel the Spirit's comfort again telling me that I'm going in the right direction with what we do as a family.  I really truly want that.  And I give so much of my time to those thoughts these days.

I do completely trust that these changes are preparing us for major changes that will happen soon in our world.  Changes that I certainly can't foresee.

As I wrestle with these questions, there is also something I am enjoying in particular during this phase of Mothering.  I am loving watching my children's testimony's blossom...beyond memorizing and first discovery of God in their life, and now to actually fearlessly proclaiming their beliefs to friends.

I was pretty happy for Scarlett (my 11.5 year old) who recently fielded a lot of questions from friends about why she won't wear ripped jeans or "crop tops".  Her friend said, "But you'd look amazing in a crop top!" To which Scarlett responded, "I already look amazing!!"  Haha!  As her group of friends continued to discuss clothing, they said, "those clothes are actually against school dress code, but  no one actually follows the dress one, that is, but you, Scarlett."

Another time they wanted to make plans to attend a haunted attraction which Scarlett wasn't comfortable attending.  Her friends were pressuring her.  They said, "Scarlett, don't be such a Scaredy-Cat".  Scarlett said, "You're just going to have to accept that I don't like that stuff."

Soon after that, Scarlett asked me for a copy of For the Strength of Youth, which she shared with her friend.  Boy, those girls are so lucky to have such a fearless Daughter of God in their lives, and so am I.

Scarlett (and my other girls) did a wonderful job during the Primary Program this Sunday.  They bore such sincere and powerful testimonies...all of the children did.  I was blown away by more than a few of them, including Scarlett.  Her smile and confidence as she bore testimony of Joseph Smith and his experience with the restoration of the priesthood and her personal testimony of receiving priesthood blessings was priceless.

She is ready to move up to the youth program, whatever shape that will take.  I guess we'll keep figuring it all out together.

Whatever new programs await and whatever changes are still to be announced, I do know one thing:  the Lord knows His children, and he knows what they need way better than I do.  Jesus Christ and His teachings as expressed through His prophets have not failed us yet (in fact they have completely enriched and brought joy to our lives on a daily basis), and I know they will lead us toward higher, safer, holier ground in the years to come.  

For now, though, I'm still holding on tight to my Monday (and my Sunday) nights with this crazy, wonderful crew!


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