Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Happier, Less Complicated Life

We made signs to post along our General Conference 5k for FHE last night.  I was in a hurry to find quotes from last Conference so I took them from a site that had compiled a quick list of them.  However, as I was looking more closely at the talks today, I realized the quotes posted weren't exact quotes, so I decided to go back and look at the talks again.  And I was reminded of this one:

"Brothers and sisters, from the bottom of my heart, I testify that the prophets speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. They testify of Christ and His divine mission on earth. They represent the mind and heart of the Lord and are called to represent Him and teach us what we must do to return to live in the presence of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are blessed as we exercise our faith and follow their teachings. By following them, our lives are happier and less complicated, our difficulties and problems are easier to bear, and we create a spiritual armor around us that will protect us from the attacks of the enemy in our day." - Ulisses Soares

I just love that holy promise, made to us by an Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Do I want a happier, less complicated life?  Do I want to become better able to bear my problems?  Do I want spiritual armor around myself and especially protecting my children?  You bet I do!

And this is exactly what I have experienced over the last 12 going on 13 years of watching and learning from General Conference with my children.

My life is better.

My family is happier.

We're stronger, more resilient.

We are better able to pass up on opportunities that might not be right for our family.

We're wiser.

We've grown in our faith and our understanding of who we are who God is.

As Elder Hales once proclaimed, "Oh, how we need General Conference!!"

Now, it's Tuesday of General Conference week. I have a list a mile long of things to accomplish, regular housework-type of things, in addition to General Conference Weekend things.  And my challenge right now is to slow down, focus on what is most important, and find time to think about what I need most going in to Conference.  

During our family council on Sunday, we took five minutes and each wrote down questions that we would like to find answers to during General Conference.  We will also look for our own answers this week in preparation.  Some of our questions are:

1. What do I need to be teaching my children now in order to prepare them for life ahead?
2. How can I make more time for personal scripture study?
3. How can I better manage my time and household?
4. How can we improve the way we talk to one another at home?
5. How would the Lord like me to address a certain situation that is troubling me?

My children asked:
1. How can I learn to love fasting?
2. How can I do a better job of sharing the gospel?
3. How can we repent of things that we don't even know we need to repent of?

4. How can I calm myself when I am feeling afraid?
5. How do I make my enemy my friend?
6. How do I share the gospel?
7. How do I help someone that needs a lot of help?
8. Will I go on a mission?
9. How will I make other happy?
10. Will I go to heaven?

11. Why can't I play with friends on Sunday? Why is that part of the Sabbath Day rules in our house?
12. If a bad person dies, will they still be "bad" when they are resurrected?
13. Will Heavenly Father forgive anything we repent of?

With that I have to resume my regular duties!

Good luck, everyone, with your General Conference prep!


  1. Your children came up with some incredible, thoughtful questions! (So did you.) I'm sure you'll have a fantastic weekend searching for the answers.

    As a side note, when reviewing the last conference talks recently, I was struck by the fact that President Nelson quoted D&C 42:61 using "seek" instead of "ask." There is a difference. Thank you for your family's example of not just asking questions but really seeking for answers.

  2. fun to read your lists, i'm looking forward to answers also to many questions i have...