Saturday, October 6, 2018

General Conference: THIS is the Greatest Show!

Yay, General Conference!  That first Saturday Morning session was the bomb! 

I just wanted to pop in here real quick and share what we're doing to help the kids enjoy and get the most out of the sessions this time around.

It's just silly and fun, so I please don't send me hatemail if you don't like this idea, but our kids have really enjoyed the movie "The Greatest Showman" this past year, especially soundtrack.  In fact, next Saturday, I'm doing a circus-themed birthday party for my soon-to-be six-year I've got circus-on-the-brain.

Anyway, as I was quickly putting together a note-taking packet for the kids last night, with photos of the new apostles, all I could think of was that THIS is the greatest show.  General Conference IS the greatest show we watch all why not go with this theme.

The packet (which you can see photos of below) is just meant to be fun and silly and you can download it here if you'd like: GREATEST SHOW GENERAL CONFERENCE PACKET

Remember, it's nothing fancy. I made it in like ten minutes right before falling into bed last night!

I don't usually do rewards for watching Conference, as I don't really want to bribe them to participate, but I did build in a fun competition of sorts, and as it is turning out it's been a fun motivator.

So, here's how it works.  

I've asked my children (the older ones, aged 9-12) to write down at least three principles taught by each member of the 12 in their packets.  After the session is over, they are to bring their findings to me to share and discuss.  I talk with them about it, share my own insights about each talk, and make corrections or add information they might have needed or need to know to better understand what they wrote down.

I then give them "tickets" (you can find these at Walmart) that they can redeem for either snacks for the rest of the weekend OR they can put it in a pot with their names on the back to be entered into a drawing.

Together we decided on some fun rewards for the drawing...They are as follows:

Drawing #1 - for either a movie out with a friend and mom/dad OR a date night at a painting/pottery place with mom/dad

Drawing #2 - either camping out with mom in the back yard OR computer time

So far, I love hearing their insights and it has helped ration the candy! :)

This is how we've set up our home to watch General Conference this our sun room.  The television is normally upstairs in a common area, so for GC we move it downstairs where it's more comfortable.  

I like that the kids can do a messy, soothing project on the hardwood floors and still participate in watching General Conference.

And it's convenient that our table is right behind them so that kids who want to write or draw can comfortably do that there.

 I forgot to mention.  Another way they get tickets is by writing down every time they hear one of our memorized scriptures or an article of faith quoted in General Conference.  Here is Scarlett writing it down on a paper on the wall.

And last but not least, we really enjoyed our General Conference 5k fun run this morning.  Thanks to all of our friends for coming out to celebrate and get energized out in nature with us!!  Feeling good and loving the words of the prophets!


  1. what fun ideas, I have really enjoyed conference thus far and all the exciting changes coming in Jan!

  2. I'm so excited to print these off and use them for my kids!!