Friday, February 16, 2018

To Follow a Prompting

Around the beginning of this year, I kept having this nagging feeling that I needed to get off of social media, which was sort of sad for me, because I enjoy connecting with friends and former co-workers through Facebook, and I also enjoy sharing about our faith and family online and I receive a lot of positive feedback about the things that I share.

Yes, that feeling kept coming back to me time and again.  I needed to let it go.

So this week, I finally took the plunge.  I removed the Facebook app off of my phone.  And contrary to what I thought would happen, it was really quite enjoyable: not being interrupted every few minutes by notifications, not scrolling mindlessly through mildly funny or mildly questionable material of little importance to my day, not thinking so many thoughts that weren't mine, and not filling my head with details not pertinent to caring for my family.

I was nervous to do it because as the Mom of six children, I am the communication hub of the family.  I need to know when school is closed or delayed due to weather. I need to communicate with other Moms about rides or playdates or things happening at school, and having recently relocated, we we are all still developing new friendships, etc.

Eventhough it did scare me a little, I took the leap of faith in following this prompting, and what resulted was more peace in my life this week, more time to look into my children's eyes and hold them and talk to them and play with them and care for them and consider their needs, and make memories with them, more conversations with my husband and time for personal and couples study.

I don't know where this is leading, but I do know that God knows my personal goals for this year. And I believe this is His answer and His way of helping guide me down a path where I can actually find time to realize those righteous desires.  

It is comforting to know that there is a Father in Heaven watching out for me and for you and for all busy parents out there trying to decide how to best live their lives.

Have you taken a leap of faith to follow a prompting recently? I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for sharing this! I never had fb app and you are right I get to do more and ponder more and serve more. I don’t have messenger notifications and in October for some reason my phone email app stopped getting emails which means I have to go to safari and log in to my account to check my emails. But I found out that it was actually a divine intervention because I don’t have to constantly check my emails regarding church business because of my calling and as a result I was able to take care of Alan more when he was very sick and I also got the needed rest and more time to have some quiet time too right by his side. When I need to greet a friend or lived one on their birthday I actually call them on the phone and get to hear their voice instead of just writing a comment on fb. Which is good for me because I’m not really good with phone calls. So now I decided to not fix my email app so I don’t get distracted and get some rest. Im so glad you shared this- it’s been a longgggggg time since I shared my feelings about my values in public . I really miss you a lot! I have been busy taking care of a sick mother right now but I’m glad that she is actually right here with me so I can atttend to her needs.

    1. And that's why I love you! I miss hearing your voice. I need to call you soon!!

  2. Believe it or not, but I never had a facebook account. There is certainly life outside of facebook world :)