Monday, February 12, 2018

Sick FHE

Oh, man, there's been sickness at our house...five kids on amoxicillin for the last week.  That's a lot of bottles of medicines and doses to keep fever reducer and sore throat and cough medicines.  Three strep throats, 2 ear with ear infections, and a sick hubby.  Call me Nurse Jocelyn!

There have been two upsides to our illnesses: 1. no one threw up and 2. we were able to spend lots of time together at home this last week just hanging out and watching movies.  I would add a third upside to sickness and that is that we ended up buying three fish as pets, however, two of three fish have already gone to the great watery beyond. This is proof to me that we are not ready for a dog, but then again the fish weren't that healthy to begin with and fish are easy to accidentally kill.  Poor fish.  At least they died at our house and not in a tank at Walmart.  I have to think that was more pleasurable for them?  I know that my kids enjoyed them!

Here's a shot of our short-lived pets.  Aren't they cute?  The kids are eager to have another go at it, but once you've had fish floating at the top of the tank in your kitchen next to where you prepare food, you're less inclined to see fish the same ever again. Ack!

Honor was pretty thrilled when I let her pick out the fish at Walmart.  She was so surprised.  It was fun to treat her to a totally unexpected treat.  I especially enjoy doing that when my children are sick.  Ok, maybe I will let them try again...just not until Spring and better weather for transporting them.  And not until I figure out what I did wrong to kill those poor fish!

Honor and Steve did manage to get well enough to steal away for the evening to attend a Valentine's Day Ball at her preschool on Friday evening.  She was glowing!

The rest of the weekend, they basically all looked like this...sitting on the couch, watching Psych or other rented movies.

Honor was wiped out from the Valentine's Day Ball.

And thankfully, Baby Coy and I never got sick.

So, the past week was basically one long FHE and tonight for the real FHE, Honor was spiking another fever and I was out of medicine for that, so I had to send Steve to the store while I cared for and bathed the other sick children.

Sometimes, FHE has to be just taking care of one another!  Don't worry, I got taken care of neighbor drove by today and had her kids run a bag of "emergency" chocolate to me!  So I'm good...Have a great week!

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  1. thanks for sharing the everyday life of a mom with sick kids-brings back lots of memories for