Monday, February 5, 2018

Keeping Things Simple #FHE

In most seasons of life it's best to keep things simple, and right now, that's what I'm doing when it comes to planning Family Home Evening.

Since we like to write letters in our family, and because we had a nice time doing that for the first FHE of this year, I decided we'd just go ahead and plan to write letters for the first FHE of every month.  And just like that I've magically planned 1/4 of my FHEs for 2018, hah!

To simplify even further (and because my stationery stash has become very messy and miss-matched), I decided to go through my stationery and get things all ready for this evening, so that when we do sit down, most of our time will be spent actually writing letters.

I've got stamps, stickers, my address book, and a small pile of cards to write in...and I've got pens I just purchased today too, so as soon as I get dinner going, it should be a pretty easy evening for our family.

Although, I generally try not to have any activities on Monday nights, we did have two doctor's appointments scheduled this evening for yearly check-ups, but I managed to get those switched to this morning and now our evening is free for Monday-night togetherness...or just dealing with whatever craziness the kids walk in the door talking about after school!

IS there something that your family really likes to do together that you could insert into your family home evening planning on a regular basis?  I'd love to hear what it is in the comments!!  Happy Monday!

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