Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Apostles Name Board

Fun Fact:  Our family's apostles name board has lasted for 3 years and been a wonderful and fun way to learn the names and faces of all of the Apostles and 1st Presidency!

With all it's use, I'm amazed at how well it's stood the test of time.  It has even been on the front page of the Friend website...but now it's time to make a new one to reflect the recent addition of new apostles.

I decided to make one using the same type of foam re-enforced poster board, but this time, it's foldable, which is great since we move our board around a lot.

Since I believe it's against copyright for me to offer the photos is one big file, I will just direct you to the page on where I get the photos.  I basically just copy and paste them into a Word document, print and laminate them, then tape (the names) and use detachable velcro for the photos.  I like the names to stay stationary.  To help us memorize the names and faces of the Brethren, I take away the pictures (or just a few at a time) and we take turns matching them up to the correct name.  There's all sorts of uses for this board, and you can see more of how we use them on our General Conference Lessons PAGE.

Here's our old board in use in our home.  I am looking forward to learning from and studying the lives of these new leaders with my children.  Bring on General Conference!

PS - One more thing: If you've got young ones attending the General Women's Broadcast this Saturday evening, there is a free coloring journal to use during that meeting.  Click here to download it.

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  1. I need a board for grandmas to learn! Good work...