Sunday, March 6, 2016

Easter Watercolor Paintings

Happy Sunday, everyone!  This morning, we are working on watercolor resist paintings with an Easter theme.

We followed the tutorial found at Teach Kids Art.  We loved her "good shepherd" paintings where the sheep are done in white and black oil crayons.  This would be a fun lesson on "finding the lost sheep" because when you paint over the sheep with water colors, they magically appear.

We ended up creating lots of variations using this same technique.  You'll need to gather the following items:

-oil pastels or crayons
-watercolor paints, brushes, and water
-watercolor paper or card stock (which is what we used)

Determine what you want to write or design and do it using your oil pastels or crayons first.  Then go to town with the water colors.  

These were done by my children ages 3 to 10, and they all enjoyed putting a bit of themselves into it.

Scarlett got more and more creative and did 3-4 paintings.  Inspiration for what to create came from hymns & primary songs.  Try this out for family home evening or a quiet Sunday activity.  It's lots of fun.  We painted while we listened to the MoTab 24-hour stream on my laptop.

Have a happy Sabbath!


  1. Your kids definitely have that artsy flair! Love these pics.


  2. I love all these ideas. You have inspired me to stretch Easter out into a longer holiday! Thank you

    1. Don't forget...ever Sunday is Easter! I need to update some of the broken photos in that post...but there's always a reason to celebrate! I'm glad. So, I have to laugh because at Christmas time I heard some people (LDS at that) online complaining that people put their Christmas lights up "too early". in PA there are still a TON of Christmas lights up and shining proudly through the night. Not because they couldn't take them down...I just think they don't want to. Perspective is everything! Love ya! Happy Easter!

  3. Now I know what to do with my kids this Sunday! I love this. Thanks for sharing, Jocelyn.