Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter & General Conference Goodie Ideas

As the due date of our baby draws near, I am just knocking things off of my to-do list left and right.  (And somehow more things keep popping up on my list each day!)

I thought I'd share a few goodies that I've gathered for Easter baskets and for General Conference and such...since the two are happening within a week of each other.

Here are some ideas (and where I found them).  I hope it helps you out!

Names of Christ "Spot It" Game:  I found this "Spot It-style" game on Etsy last week and shared it on FB.  So many people clicked on over to their site that the shop owner offered a discount for my readers.  Enter the code "SAVE2" and get $2 off of a purchase of $10.  They have other games you might enjoy. I purchased the "Baby" terms spot-it (for obvious reasons) and the "LDS-themed" Spot addition to the Symbols of Christ Game, which I printed off today and plan on using at FHE tonight.  (To see all of the games they have available click on Rise and Shout!)

Christian-themed coloring books:  Adult coloring books are the trend right now.  I even saw a middle-aged woman at the ob's office coloring with colored pencils.  For some reason, this looked nuts to me (ha!)  but I guess it's better than being glued to our phones, right?

Anyway, I found these two "adult" coloring books at Walmart today, paired them with a set of colored pencils/markers and I think this makes for a really relaxing time spent pondering the verses that are incorporated onto each page...for me the only time this would even be possible is during General Conference...but even then, I'm usually taking notes.  I could see me writing notes on the pages using a skinny, black, permanent marker and shading in the pictures.  That might just work!

Easter-themed Doodle Journal from A Lively Hope:  This journal is FREE, but you should print it off pronto to be used every day leading up to Easter.  Find it here.

Scripture Pulls: I am trying to encourage my kids to start being more diligent about reading scriptures on their own, in addition to family study time.  I found these scripture pulls that go along with the 2016 Primary theme...just a fun addition to Easter baskets.  You can find them here.  They also have some really neat jewelry that I've chosen to give my kids either at Easter or when the baby arrives.  Check 'em out!

CTR Rings: This CTR ring I contemplated buying, but didn't because I wasn't sure of my son's ring size and well just settled on other items.  But the price seems to be right and it's totally adjustable.  Find it here.

Here's some more free stuff:  Ok, since I love free stuff, here's a few more ideas for baskets or whatevers for your family.  Then I have to go clean my kitchen!

Free Easter Printable found here. You could print this out and frame it for a child's bedroom.  I just printed both, because I'm a sucker for bunnies.

Easter Nested Envelopes from Heidi Swapp as part of Sugardoodle's Easter freebies.  It's a bunch of little phrases pertaining to Christ and His sacrifice and the hope it brings to us at Easter and always.  You open each envelope revealing a new phrase.  Pretty neat.  I downloaded it(finally!) from this site.  It's free, comes in PDF format.  Just print it off and assemble.  Might use these in Easter baskets or during FHE.  Depends on how much I accomplish after I hit publish on this little infomercial.

By the way, as you know, I only link to stuff I absolutely love here on my blog...stuff I pretty much search out and find on my own for my own family.  Nobody is paying me to say any of this stuff!  Eww!  I wouldn't even think of it! Enjoy!

PS - And of, course, there's the FREE General Conference packet from Sugardoodle here.  Luckily a friend of mine is going to send me a bunch of LDS coloring pages and stuff she wanted to get rid of, so I'm going to be all set this year!  Thanks, Millie!


  1. These are fabulous! I think the link to the scripture pulls is broken, at least I can't get it to work. Thank you so much for sharing the awesome things you found for your family!

    1. Thank you for letting em know, Jamie! I updated the link:

  2. lots of useful stuff for families!

  3. I hadn't seen the Sugardoodle link. Thanks for sharing.
    It sounds like you aren't planning to do another Doodle Book this spring with the baby coming. I totally respect that. I just spent the last couple weeks making a Women's Session Coloring Journal for my daughter. It took so much more time than I expected it too!
    I did it because last fall she told me she wished there was something like the Doodle Book for the Women's Session. She has such a hard time sitting still through it!
    Anyway, I have it on my blog as a free printable starting today. Since some of your readers might find it relevant, I hope you don't mind if I include the link here:

    1. Oh cool! That looks great. I will be sure to share it!

  4. Thanks. I've been contemplating better Easter baskets. Great ideas