Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Resolution Art Project

Yes, yes, we can't believe that yet another year has passed, but 2015 was a wonderful year for our family with LOTS of togetherness.  
From our forced home repair/remodel that lasted over 3 months (which had us camping out together in my bedroom), to our many road trips to visit family, tour temples, see the Cumorah Pageant and the new Priesthood restoration site, to running 5ks together, we've had a very special year.  Add to that that we're anticipating the arrival for another baby in our family, and you know we're all pretty much flying high around here.

It's been a year of a LOT of work.  And I'm definitely feeling older (my 20th high school reunion is this year!)  But the work is worth it and I'm sure after I have this baby, I'll be able to feel better physically again!

I had no idea what 2015 would look like when it began...and the same is true for 2016.  Isn't that marvelous?  If we knew the future, life would be so dull.  

Anyway, let's get down to business.  When I woke up yesterday, Autumn asked me if we could do some crafts.  So we brainstormed what we might want to do (such as making NYE decor) and then I went to pinterest and we found a lot of great ideas there...including this one, which I'm sharing with you today!

The idea comes from a site called Buggy & Buddy.  It's an inspirational splatter paint project for kids.

Using a flat canvas board, we taped lines across using masking tape.  Then we painted the background with acrylic paint and then went outside and splattered paint on it (which the kids loved!)

We removed the tape and the next day (New Year's Day) when the paint was dry, we wrote positive, inspirational phrases or bits of our resolutions on the white parts of our paintings.

I love how they turned out and because I'm me, I took pictures of the kids in front of their artwork.

Thanks to my husband for hanging our artwork (I'm horrible about hanging things straight!)  This is a fun project, beloved by all of the family.  If you try it out, let me know!  

And have a WONDERFUL 2016!


  1. Wow!! I really like this idea. What a perfect way to display your goals for the year!!!

  2. great idea, I'd almost like to do it myself but decided to keep my resolutions simple and few this year...let go of regrets and read B of M daily. That works for me....

  3. Cool art project! And congrats on the baby-to-be!