Monday, January 25, 2016

Drawing Pictures of the New Baby

Good morning friends!  I hope you're all enjoying a fresh start to a new week.  On Sunday morning, during scripture study, we talked about how Nephi said he delighted in the scriptures.  I asked the kids how they thought it was possible for him to delight in the scriptures...what was it he did each day to be able to say he delights in them?  I told the children that we need to do the most important things first.  

That's what I try to do each day.  (Lately, after I drag myself out of bed and manage to arrive at some some semblance of wakefulness!) I wake up and say, "What's the one thing I want to get done today?  What is the one thing that if I get nothing else done, I want to be able to say I did?"  And I start with that.  Thus fulfilling my motto of "You always have time for things you put first."  I told them that if delighting in the scriptures is our number one thing...we'd be wise to read them right away, first thing!  That way we'll be sure to get it done.

So this morning, so as not to be a hypocrite, I started with my scripture study (after the kids left anyway), then I wrote in my new baby's journal (something else I've been wanting to accomplish)...and here I am typing up a quick blog post.  

It's been hard to read my scriptures lately, because I've been so tired, but I've tried a few things, like listening to the scriptures while I get ready, etc.  Anyway, every day is a new day.  And my new week is starting in a positive way as I try to put the most important things first.

So!  Yesterday, as I mentioned on Facebook, we had another good Sabbath day together.  Steve was gone basically all day, so it was all on me to keep the peace and help us delight in the Sabbath.

I actually prepared for one of our activities earlier in the week.  By addressing and starting to write in cards we would send to family, it made it easier for us to write Valentine's to our cousins together after church.

The other activity we did that was a lot of fun was drawing pictures of what we think our new baby will look like.  Here's how the pictures turned out:

As you know, we didn't find out the gender this time.  Honor wants a GIRL.

Autumn would like one of each.

Scarlett thinks it's a boy.

Guy thinks it's a boy (I think?)  He colored the face purple, because Honor's face was purple when she was born, because she had cord issues.

The children really took their time drawing these and there was a lot of laughter about how each picture turned out!

Autumn turned her baby boy and girl drawings into puppets, which everyone enjoyed.

So, that was our Sunday for the most part.  When Steve came home (early!) we held family council.

One item of business was that we needed to discuss who we could ask to babysit for us when I go into labor.  We came up with a bunch of names and talked about who would be the least inconvenienced by a last-time request to watch our kids.  The children also talked about who they would like the most (Granny!) to come.

But there was one name that topped the list: GUY!  Guy was lobbying hard to be the chosen babysitter of his siblings while I'm at the hospital.  He kept looking in my eyes and wanting me to "shake" on it.  He told us, "I'll make them food.  I'll protect them."  What a sweet boy...who is growing up so fast!  We're so proud of him and he is such a good protector of the girls.

Earlier in church, I saw that Guy and Scarlett were struggling over something.  I looked over to see this "contract" in his Sunday notebook....requiring that Scarlett put into writing that she will "go to bed when Guy says."  As her new roommate, Guy had to lay down some ground rules I guess!! :)

So that was our Sunday for the most part.  Snow-covered and fun.  It ended with family council and Autumn gave us a lesson on the Iron Rod.  She was so proud and I was so proud to see her being the leader and teaching us.

Have a great week!


  1. how sweet and fun your sabbaths are...I managed to do some indexing and preparing for some RS activities=it goes fast as our churchis 11 am to 2 pm. We watch the Tabernacle choir in the morning, read scriptures or lesson coming, also got in a long after church nap. Our lesson was on keeping the sabbath day holy-how appropriate!

    1. Later church does tend to break up the day! I'm going to be teaching that same topic in a few weeks!

    2. Later church does tend to break up the day! I'm going to be teaching that same topic in a few weeks!

  2. Such a cute family you have. Love reading about it.


  3. I love, love, love, the baby illustrations!