Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Easy Christmas Gift for Little Friends

For a number of reasons, I encourage my children to give small gifts to their friends and classmates.  We try to keep them pretty simple and often homemade, and I love how this year's gift is turning out.

We gave small gloves last year as well, because it was easy, and surprisingly inexpensive (50 cents a pair at Walmart).  

This year, Scarlett suggested that we tape down the fingers to form the glove into the sign for "I love you."  This is perfect because this is what we are really trying to communicate to our little friends when we give.  Nothing more or less than love and peace.

It's also wonderful because Autumn has a few hearing impaired children in her class...and our family always uses this sign with one another, so it's just so US!

Just thought I'd share a quick, easy, and cheap way to spread a little holiday cheer this year and to encourage your children to practice giving at a young age.  The other materials pictured came from the dollar store, so they costs a few cents each if that.

Cheers...and remember, "Christmas is a time to say 'I love you!'"


  1. Your inspiration just keeps coming! Perfect for a Primary class.

  2. Darling gift, and I love Scarlett's idea. Such a clever girl!

    I put up my annual Christmas story on my blog…Hope you guys have a merry one…