Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Miracle Maker: a family-friendly film

A few weeks ago, my children and I sat down to watch the new movie "The Miracle Maker."  We were asked to review it.  As for me, it was a good movie for Sunday viewing.  I appreciated that it was wholesome and had some good old-fashioned humor.  My kids, however, found some parts overtly funny, especially the parts where the children were a main feature.  

So, afterwords, I asked my children to review it.  I also asked them what they thought the movie was about.  Here's what they wrote:

Guy (age 9) thought the movie was awesome.  He thought the main theme was having a change of heart...and how that change can change not only your circumstances, but those of others around you.

Scarlett (age 8) said, "I think you should watch this movie, because it takes place in a small and poor town."  She liked the character Oliver, a curious boy who collects rocks and never speaks.  She says, "Mr. Booth was rich and the whole town was scared of him," but what she liked best was that while watching she said, "I felt the spirit very strongly."

Since our family's media motto is "Tune in to the Spirit," this movie met our standards very well.  Considering how hard it is to say that about any entertainment these days, this is reason enough to recommend this movie to my readers!  

Most of the movie, in my mind, is not overtly about Christmas, however the message that serving others and looking outside of yourself in your hour of need is always a good message, especially during the holiday season.

My personal take-away from the movie is that so often, we desperately look outside of ourselves for someone to fix our problems when more often than not, the miracle is inside of each one of us waiting to be released...sometimes just by an encouraging word by another.

In the final scene the Miracle Maker responds to the charge that he made all of the good things happen in the town.  He says, "I simply moved a few rocks and planted a few seeds."  

Each of us can do that this holiday season and always when we choose to soften our hearts, to forgive another, to try and say a kind word, or serve others in small, every day ways.  This movie illustrated how doing and saying the little things can create a miracle!  


  1. I just ordered it from Amazon; looks like something nice to watch on Christmas. Thanks!

  2. sounds fun...thanks for the suggestion-we need more good wholesome movies with a spiritual message....