Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Book of Mormon Challenge FHE

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had no idea what we were going to do for FHE yesterday, but that I'd figure it out.  Well, I figured it out by sharing that responsibility with my husband who came home to, "I got dinner, you get FHE!"  

Piggy-backing off of a talk given by a member of the stake presidency during stake conference this weekend, we talked about what it really means to hold fast to the iron rod.

Steve brought a bat up from the garage, which was sort of like an iron rod and had the children try their best to hold on to it with both hands.  Then they tried pulling each other off of it...and things got silly from there...like so, so silly.

It was fun.  We sat down and looked at a picture representation of Lehi's dream and we read scriptures about what the Iron Rod represents. We established that the rod of iron represents the word of God.  We talked about what it means for us personally to hold fast to the iron rod.

After some ideas were offered, Steve challenged each member of the family to read the Book of Mormon on their own.  We've read it twice now as a family and are on our third time around, but now that three out of four children are now readers, it's time they focus on acquiring the word and the habit of reading scriptures for themselves.

Little Honor (age 3) suddenly started singing, "I will go, I will do..."  I guess that she was first to commit to the challenge!

Steve printed out Book of Mormon reading bookmarks to help us track our reading, and so far the children are pretty gung-ho about the challenge.  Previously, we have had little family parties (like our Book of Mormon Party) or taken special trips (such as our trip to the Hill Cumorah Pageant) each time we have finished the Book of Mormon as a family.  The same will be true this time, although this time we'll celebrate each time ANYONE in our family finishes the Book of Mormon on their own...so everyone will benefit.

Among other things, I'm hoping that this boost in personal scripture reading will help increase harmony and cooperation between siblings in our home.  Stay tuned!!

So, just a PS, here.  Scarlett just walked in from school and informed me that she gave away a Book of Mormon to her friend today.  She had asked Steve last night if her friends could participate, and he said yes.  I love my little missionary kids!  Autumn, pictured here, was also excited to show me how much she read today! Stay hungry, children!! :)


  1. What a cool cool thing to do with your children - and how wonderful that they want to invite their friends!

  2. great motivation that we all need....lol!