Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gifts Kids can Make: Sharpie Shoes

Just dropping in to share another easy gift kids can make.  We're probably slightly behind the curve when it comes to this whole sharpie shoe decorating craze, but they're really fun and Scarlett is enjoying using her drawing skills to create Christmas gifts for her siblings that they can actually use and wear!

We ordered Keds off of Amazon, because that was easiest for me.  (Scarlett bought them with her own money, so it's truly a gift from her.)  I gave her a pack of sharpies in a variety of colors and she went to town.  I asked her to think of what each sibling might like.  What are their favorite things?  Favorite colors?  Interests?  And she incorporated those things into her designs.

All of the gifts the kids are making for each other are coming out really nice, and it's fun to watch them think of what would make the other siblings smile.  Hopefully this helps you come up with fun ways to teach children to give this Christmas!  There are all kinds of ideas for sharpie shoe design inspiration on Pinterest if you need it!