Sunday, October 25, 2015

Service SOS

My Saturday started out like this...

And just got more interesting from there...Steve cut down about 4 large pine trees in our yard the other weekend, because they had become overgrown and past their prime...and were looking too hideous to save and crowding out the other plants.  He found a really good deal on some large evergreens to replace them and had them delivered.

When I finally laid eyes on them, I realized that they were absolutely enormous...and this was not going to be a one-man job.

In addition to this huge job we had created for ourselves, it was Autumn's birthday.  I knew that this was going to be an all-day job if I didn't call in some back-up.

But who do you call when you've bit off more you can chew?  We don't have family around, and most people have pretty busy I went on to the FB page for our ward's Elder's Quorum and put out a plea for any Elders in Israel who might want to come help us plant trees on our property.

I was amazed at the pretty immediate response...first from a young man who came over right away and helped dig holes and clear another tree...and second, from a very stalwart family who could make it over later in the day.

When they realized that the trees were so much bigger than they'd imagined....instead of walking away, they stuck it out...and despite the huge challenge it was to move the trees into place (each being between 1000 and 1800 lbs!!) they stood with us until the job was finished.

And although it was no walk in the park, I was amazed by how often I could hear them break out in laughter about something.  They had such a good attitude.  I knew they were working hard and probably would have bruises to deal with...yet they looked at it as a team building exercise and as an opportunity to serve.  They were all such an amazing example to me...of men who understand what it means to hold the means family.  It means no one gets left behind.  It means doing unpleasant tasks because you know that serving others is paramount...and it's what Christ would do.

Here are a few pictures of the two biggest trees that got planted.  It's so fun to see how beautiful they are and how well they fill in the landscape.  Our neighborhood was a Christmas tree farm, once upon a time, so it's fun to replenish these old, old trees with new, healthy ones...and boy, did it smell like Christmas as the guys got those trees rocking!!  Made me so happy!

By the evening, we were exhausted, but so grateful, and we let Autumn name the trees!

The next day (this morning) was the Primary Program.  We were all so tired from all of the work and festivities of the weekend.  I needed to pick up a friend for church, the kids were fighting over their Lucky Charms and not getting dressed.  I went out to leave and my car wouldn't start.  The battery was dead.  I called my friend Cammie right away, hoping to catch her before she left for church.

She came over right away and completely saved us by loaning us her minivan to get to church, while she and her children piled into their other car. 

I was pretty annoyed and frustrated and tired today, but grateful that my friend also knew the meaning of being a Latter-day Saint and that is that we leave no man behind.  Steve said later as we were dissecting the events of the weekend...that perhaps all of these things happened to show us and our ward members that we really are there for one another.  It was a good lesson...and every time we look at those trees we will remember the ward members who are like our real brothers...and my friend who is really like a real sister...and always be grateful.


  1. This triggered a memory from a few years family was traveling home from a family reunion in another state. Our vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere, far from home. We had no cell service. But we did find a small home down the road. It was the home of a widow, who was kind enough to let us use her landline phone. My husband called the towing company but quickly learned the tow truck could only haul 2 family members. 3 would have to be left off the side of the road--at least 45 minutes from the nearest town. Not an option. The next idea was to call the auto parts store and see if someone could deliver us a part. The employee said he would be happy to bring it to us, but didn't get off work for 3 more hours. We were desperate enough that it was looking like our only option. Then we found out the auto parts store was not able to take debit/credit cards by phone. My husband walked back to the car and told me the situation. He asked, "What do we do now?" We prayed some more. Our nearest family was still 6 or 8 hours away. Then like a bolt of lightening, we both seemed to get the realization at the same time-- We do have family here!!! We have an LDS family!!!! My husband walked back to the widow's home to use her phone one last time. This time he opened the phone book and called all the LDS wards--hoping someone would answer. A bishop answered. He was about an hour away. He said he would get the part and bring another member who happened to be a mechanic with him. He told us of how he was usually out of the office by the time the call came, but he felt for some reason he should stay a little longer. Not only did they bring the part, they also brought water and granola bars for our family who had been stranded offf the side of the road for a few hours. We are so grateful to be part of a world-wide family. It is truly a blessing. --Lisa

  2. a ward family our branch feels that way too...

  3. We have the same here. My husbands 30 year old brother passed away from a blood clot in his brain last week. We threw our stuff in the car in 30 min and drove to Utah. When we got home our ward had done our laundry, picked up, brought food and raked leaves. It was such a gift. I'm still in awe. We've never needed that kind of service and I love the circle of service we all offer.

  4. And they filled in for me in the primary program as prinary chorister:)