Monday, October 5, 2015

My post-General Conference To-Do List

What a weekend, eh?

I hope you had a restful time refueling your spiritual tank at the feet of some of the greatest servants the Lord has in his arsenal!

(If you missed anything, you can soon watch, listen to, and read all of the talks at the General Conference webpage.)

I'm really just popping in here to share this little thing we did.  

Believe it or not, we didn't do any Reverance Stations for the children this time around.  Now that they are getting older (and two of them have been baptized) they are really good about sitting quietly and listening to all of Conference.

Guy, Mom, and Dad followed along while keeping score on our Fantasy General Conference brackets and taking notes in our Doodle Books.  Scarlett and Autumn were happy to work on their Faith in God General Conference packets. Autumn took it upon herself to draw every tie or necklace of the speakers (she counted 27).  And Honor was happy to play with her vintage Little People Nursery School and do whatever we were doing.  I am quite amazed by the way my little ones behaved and how much they participated and were able to recall after each session.  Planning out and making most of our meals ahead of time really made it relaxing for me.  I also had a basket of stickers and snacks that they could delve into if they needed it.  

Steve and I were laughing.  We're so proud of the kids.  It only took us 10 years of General Conference watching together to get to this point!  One drop at a time, one child at a time...they have learned, not only to love General Conference and our leaders, but to take it upon themselves to hear and heed.

About halfway through General Conference I decided it might be fun to start writing our favorite words or phrases and posting them on the wall as a reminder of what we learned and what we want to do with that information.  

I used these bright pieces of card stock that I had lying around for a rainy day.  I kind of like the way it has turned out--bright and cheery and hopeful.  I encouraged everyone to add their own.  It's fun to see the different handwriting and the thoughts each person had.  Anyway, it could be an easy way to do a review of teachings at FHE tonight and to cement in your family's mind what needs to be done or worked on in the next six months.

Some of the things that are on my to-do list include:

1. Use the Sacrament time to do more self-evaluating.
2. Ask the Lord to tell me "What lack I yet?"
3. Ponderize (of course) 
4. Keep sharing the joy of the gospel with my friends.
5. Remember that "It will all work out."

What's on your post-General Conference To-Do List?


  1. Your family is living proof that children can be trained to sit reverently, listen and understand conference. If you wait until they are older, it is too late. Good job, Mom! And weren't Elder Holland's and President Nelson's talks absolutely the best? They were answers to my prayers about my worth in today's world. Keep up the good work, you have much to be pleased about.

    1. Absolutely!!! Both were truly beautiful. I wrote "Women: Step Forward" for Elder Nelson's talk. What a powerful testament to the worth of women in God's eyes. My husband said last night, they're talking about really basic stuff here...and that's scary! He's right, but now is our time. Time to SHINE!

  2. I love this idea! I think this is exactly what our family needs next time :).

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

    1. Thank you very much, Miranda! I appreciate it! And I want to see your wall next Conf!!

  3. An Outstanding Blog You Have, Jocelyn!
    We Will Need Every Fiber And Drop Of Our Testimonies To Overcome What Is Coming-
    Malo! For Your Great Example.. A Shining Light In The Darkness.