Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No-Sew Pillows

This week is the beginning of the non-stop till Christmas busy season in our house.  That's because we have a birthday in our family every week for the next four or so weeks!  Add Halloween and Thanksgiving right on top of that, and we're right into Christmas.

It's an exciting and fun time for sure, but like most things in a family, it requires that we be organized and use our time wisely!

This year, we're doing all homemade gifts in our family, so our little elves are working away already, coming up with ideas, buying supplies, and making stuff.

The other night, while we were at Walmart, Guy picked out fleece to use for his gifts...as you can see he was all loaded down!

Meanwhile, the girls were getting ideas of their own!

Guy got right to work making these jumbo, no-sew fleece pillows for his sisters.  I had him draw a heart-shaped pattern...

...pin it to the fabric...

...cut out the shape, and add 1 inch fringe all the way around.

He then knotted the two pieces of fabric all the way around (right over left, left over right) leaving an opening to stuff the pillows.

He made three pillows in all--one for each of his sisters--so it took some work, but that's good.  The skill level was just right.

And they turned out great.  Guy seems proud of his handiwork, and I'm sure the girls will enjoy their gifts.  We bought 2 yards of fleece and that was enough to make 4 pillows.  With the stuffing it cost Guy about $6-8 per gift.


  1. What a super cute idea! And simple too. I really want to do just homemade gifts or service instead (while my son is little and has no clue) but the big boy, aka hubby, is hard to get on board. Thanks for the fun idea!

    1. We have don't this on and off over the years...definitely takes more planning but when we do it is the most memorable gifts. Santa is on his own though...

  2. What a cute gift idea! Love it! We did homemade / experience gifts last year and it was wonderful. I think we will again this year. . . need to discuss with fam! :)

    1. Awesome! Homemade is fun. Sometimes it's just not possible but it can really be wonderful. Good luck!

    2. Awesome! Homemade is fun. Sometimes it's just not possible but it can really be wonderful. Good luck!

  3. What a fun idea; I loved it. We did homemade gifts one year and it was really successful. Blessings~