Thursday, September 25, 2014

Homeschool AFTER school by Julie White

Last night, I attended an open house for one of my children.  School has been in session since mid August in these parts.  A parent raised their hand and asked the teacher, "Can you give my child more homework, because she says she doesn't have any."  The teacher was wide-eyed and reassured the parent that the child did have homework, but that perhaps the child finished it at school.  I chuckled at the question because minutes before I left for that open house I had similar conversation with my boy.

(After taking a test last year, Alex was exhausted!)

I recently read the article Helping Children Succeed in School by Nicholeen Peck and did a silent cheer.  I realized that while I am not "homeschooling" my children in the traditional sense of the word, I am "homeschooling" my children every day when they come home from school!  And you probably are too.

When my children get home, they have a snack, do chores, and then we go through the HOMESCHOOL routine.  The for of my children that are school-aged know that "I don't have homework" is never the right answer.  

I like to look over their work.  I want to see what their handwriting looks like, then help them correct any questions they get wrong on work.  The list goes on.  Quite frankly, this is a part of the day that I really enjoy and the part of their education day when we both just might learn the most.

When I read the part in The Family: A Proclamation To The World , that says: "Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live,"  I know that my time HOMESCHOOLING my children after they come home FROM school is one of the ways I do this. 

We talk about their day, I get privy to their thoughts on topics they are learning, and I love expounding on those topics.  I'm not just checking handwriting and their mastery of curriculum skills.  I am checking their cohesiveness of opinions they are developing.  I am rounding out any worldly views with Christ centered themes to bring clarity.  Maybe we just spend an extra 30 minutes a day doing this, but it is 30 minutes that make a huge difference in the education they are receiving. 

Do my kids know this?  Nope, they just think this is their time to give me the 4-1-1 on their day.  Its a time they expect and eagerly anticipate.  It's part of our "homeschool" routine that helps me fulfill my sacred duties to the sweet spirits that fill my home.  The duty I have to the children that I am entrusted, I don't take lightly.  As I seek Heavenly Father's council he'll guide me to parent them in a way that brings out THEIR potential as His child.  Its the perfect HOMESCHOOL after SCHOOL set up! 


To get your started, here is a link to some questions you might try asking your child after school to get a conversation going!

Julie White lives in the Pensacola, Florida area with her husband, David, and 5 kids.  In her former life, as she calls it, she taught high school Biology and Earth Science.  She now stays-RARELY-at home raising their family.

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  1. Good Job Mom! I always thought it took less time to actually homeschool our children than it would have taken to check on their learning, and unlearn all the worldliness they absorbed in public school; plus they got a lot more time to explore the world, play and just be children. But each family does what is best for them. So good to hear how you're handling things. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Check out the link that she included here for more context for her post. You'll enjoy it, I"m sure.

  2. Great example of how every mom can be a "homeschooling" mom. Children succeed when parents take an active roll in their lives, including and especially their education. Bravo!

    1. The article she sites in the beginning of the post is not to be missed!! So good!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Julie!! You're one of the wisest women I know!