Sunday, September 28, 2014

General Conference Crafts

Through much work and effort over the last few years, General Conference has really become the core of how we talk of Christ and rejoice in Christ in our family for a while now.

We have shared a ton about how we do this on our General Conference Lessons page and our General Conference Ideas page, which I hope you will check out!!

I think you'll be glad you did!

Since we "talk of Christ" through the teachings of the prophets basically on a daily basis, I am always looking for ways to 1) solidify what we've learned, 2) celebrate another round of General Conference learning, and 3) have fun.

The craft that I am sharing with you today does all three.  

There are lots of different General Conference viewing traditions our there, particular to each family.  We are always tweaking ours.  

I've heard that some families choose to work on a craft project during General Conference weekend to keep little hands occupied.  (Last year, we did this when we made this easy General Conference Mosaic using contact paper and tissue squares!)  If you're one of those families, the project I am sharing with you today would definitely fit the bill.  It requires minimal materials, can be done by little hands, and only requires a little prep-work.

Here are our General Conference Apostle Blocks:

I hope you adore them as much as I do!!

I loved the "Special Witness" cards put out by the Friend this last month.  They are so handy.  You could print them out (or cut them out) and use them as a memory game or lots of other ways this weekend.  I decided to use them (and some 2x2 wood blocks I had lying around) to create Apostle Blocks that my kids can make and/or use before, during, and after Conference.

Materials you will need:

2x2 wooden blocks (15 count)
The Special Witness Cards from the Friend (printed on card stock)
ModgePodge (glue)


- Prepare your wood blocks by lightly sanding the edges.  (I had my children do this with me, which they enjoyed!)
- Cut the Apostle Cards and Pictures into 2-inch squares to fit your blocks. (Kids can also help!)
- Glue them to your blocks.  Coat with additional glue to protect and let dry.


We also used pictures from our family's General Conference lessons to remind us of the teachings from previous General Conferences which we have already learned.  You could easily grab your favorite FREE General Conference printables online to use as well.  Just shrink them to 2x2 inches.

Each block contains the photo of an Apostle and their information (from the Friend) plus their previous teachings.  Since each block contains the teachings of just one Apostle, these blocks can be used in so many ways to review the teachings of the prophets and they are just right for little hands.

(These little hands, to be exact!  Honor: You finally get your own special thing!)

Anyway, you'll notice we left some sides open to add the teaching of this and future General Conferences.

We are not quite done yet, since we just started them today.  Plus I need to run out and buy three more blocks! We will be using this in so many fun ways, including as an activity to help us sit reverently through lots of hours of Conference this weekend!

And when it's done, it's going to also make a nice decoration for Conference time and year-round!

I'm in a crafty mood recently (needing craft therapy, I guess) so I'll be back with a few more quick, easy, creative, and kid-friendly crafting ideas before the week is out!


  1. I love this craft! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Looks fun-I have 6 grandkids and two sets of parents coming for conference weekend on their way to Disneyland!

  3. You always have the cutest crafts! What a great idea.

  4. This is awesome! A craft the big kids can help with a something for the little ones to have to themselves during conference! Where did you get the sayings/quotes with cute pics for the other sides?

    1. I used pics from our conference of my kids with keywords I added ...Some are free printable found online.

  5. wouldn't it be fun for youth to makes these as Christmas gifts for little siblings???

  6. Great idea, Jocelyn! I could make these for my grand kids and send them to them before General Conference in the spring.