Monday, September 29, 2014

Last-minute General Conference FHE Ideas

General Conference!  Oh, that "blessed aaaahwangement!"  

It's coming you know, but don't worry, here are some quick and easy things you can do about it...tonight...with your family...for FHE.  I've got ya covered...just read on for some no-sweat GC prep!!  You've got this!

(You don't have to do all of these, just pick one or two and go for it!)

1. Involve all of your family/children in planning General Conference weekend.  I asked Guy (age 8) to do the menu planning, Scarlett (age 7) to select three craft/activities she'd like us to do (out of a craft book we have), and Autumn to help pick the reverence stations. We also brainstormed together how we'd like to do reverence stations based on what worked/didn't work last Conference.   And they are getting frequent reminders that chores need to be done this week to make it an extra fun weekend!  Make it a team effort!  If your house needs to be cleaned to make for a more pleasant weekend, do it for FHE tonight!

2. Eat Dinner with an Apostle tonight! - Eat the favorite foods of an Apostle and introduce him as the special guest at dinner tonight!  This family made it as simple as eating French Toast in honor of Elder Andersen who served a mission in France.

3. Create a General Conference Tree - Using construction/scrapbook paper, build your tree, cut out your leaves, and get them ready for Conference this weekend!

4. Print out a Fantasy General Conference Bracket for each member of your family and make your General Conference predictions!  Pop some corn to munch or make another treat together to be eaten this weekend.  (oooh, speaking of that, I've got caramel corn to make!)

5. Have each family member write down a question they'd like to find an answer to and post it on your General Conference Wall.  Then as a family, search the scriptures or previous Conference talks to see if you can find any answers yourself.  Then listen for the answers this weekend.  Reconvene at FHE next week and share any answers you received from watching General Conference.

6. Listen to a Prophet's Voice FHE - This is a favorite activity that we often do before Conference.  Grab your tablet and play short snipetts of talks from last General Conference.  See if anyone can guess who is speaking.  (I'd recommend using President Monson, President Uchtdorf, and President Eyring.)  To make it really easy for children, print out or cut out the "Special Witness" cards that were in the September 2014 Friend...and let your kids simply point to the photo whose voice they think it is.

If you're looking for more on making the most of Conference weekend with children, see my General Conference Ideas page. 

And don't miss this idea for using the Special Witness cards for a fun craft!


  1. Keep 'em coming! These are great!! Thanks!

  2. Love this!!! So excited for a great conference. Thanks for the prep ideas!

  3. Thank you! These a great ideas that I can pull together quickly!

  4. You are amazing and come up with the cutest ideas. Thanks for this one and blessings for a wonderful Conference weekend!

  5. I tried some idea last conference of bingo with topics and my older grandkids enjoyed it. This time they range from 2 to 16!

  6. Do you have any resources as to what the apostles' favorite foods are? We have done dinner with the apostles for 3 conferences now (or tried to do, we usually only get through about half). Some are easy to plan a dinner around from their mission or from their bio, but others are really hard to figure what food would represent them. Does anyone know where to find their favorite food, or have a list of foods that they have used? Thanks! Love your site and all of the wonderful conference ideas!

    1. Hey Camilla - I would love to have that as well. I bet it would take some time and digging but someone could come up with a good list...even if it's a stretch! :) Maybe before the next Conference there will be one. Thanks!!