Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Candy Bar Game: Where Everyone Wins

This face.  This face, this face, this face!

This is the face of getting "oh-ed!" during The Candy Bar Game.

I first played The Candy Bar Game at my in-laws house when they were serving a mission in Atlanta.  That Thanksgiving in the mission field was one of the very best we've had.  It was simple, sweet, and filled with the comfort and joy of the holy spirit...and we got to see an entire family baptized into the church!

After dinner that year, we took supplies for the candy bar game over to an investigator's house to play, and the kids in that family went nuts over it.  Because that memory was so special to me, I decided we needed to play the candy bar this Thanksgiving as well.

I bought a ton of candy bars and wrapped them (because who doesn't like to unwrap stuff?) and we played it together on Thanksgiving night.  It involves rolling dice to get a certain number.  If you get the number, you can pick a candy bar from the middle of the circle.

There is supposed to be "stealing" of candy bars from other players too, but we didn't go in that direction, since we had a lot of young children, and getting your candy bar stolen from you on Thanksgiving is just unbearable!  

There was lots of laughter and excitement.  The game was a real hit.  And, of course, there was the moment that Cara unwrapped the STARBURSTS...and the crowd went wild.

I had no idea that Starbursts would be the star of the show!  I should've known.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about:  Guy's Baptism Day!!

PS - Forgot to include this picture of my niece Adelle.  I took it while the cousins were running around playing Capture the Flag in the back yard on Thanksgiving evening...before the candy bar game.  Is it possible that time was slowed down for us during our special family gathering?  How else were we able to pack SO much in during the times that we had together?  I do not know!


  1. It's all in the presentation. You unwrap anything really slow and hearts start racing!!!!!

  2. You always have the most fun family moments; I love reading them..

  3. How fun! I want to try it with my family sometime this Christmas! :-)

    1. I just found some rules here that involve putting your candy bars in a bag so no one knows what you've got. I like that...