Friday, December 13, 2013

Flicker Little Candles: Lighting the Menorah

All season long, our Scarlett has been singing this song that she learned at school:

"Flicker little candles,  flicker bright for Chanuka.
Sevivon go spinning, round and round for Hanukkah.
Flicker little candles, all eight nights of Hanukkah.
Sevivon go spinning, Hanukkah is here!"

We love to celebrate Hanukkah!

And while I'm never quite sure which spelling to use, we know what Hanukkah is about.  It is a time to stop and recognize the miracles that the Lord has performed in our lives in the last year and throughout history.

Growing up, our parents made sure that we observed Hanukkah (minus the gifts) and understood its significance.  Growing and learning under the influence of good parents, grandparents, and a seminary teacher who had a genuine understanding of Jewish heritage and God's dealings with ancient Israel, we have a special place in our hearts for our modern-day Jewish friends.

We also know that God still works miracles.  

My sister Cara, in particular, has a strong testimony of this, as she experienced some wonderful miracles in her life, due to her great faith.  But it doesn't take big and showy occurrences to recognize God's hand working in our lives. 

Since Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving night, Cara lead us (and her son Peter) in the lighting of her Menorah.  We then took turns, as we sat together as a family, sharing the miracles that we have seen in our lives this year.

The miracle that I shared, I have shared many times in the last month or so.  As I was seeing to all the details of this reunion/Thanksgiving week, I realized just how much food I was going to need to gather, prepare, and provide.  I thought, "Where in the world am I going to store this much food, for this many people, for a week?"  I realized I needed an extra freezer, and I immediately started writing a list of reasons (in my head) that I'd give to convince Steve to buy us one!

No sooner did I start thinking this did the thought enter my mind, "No, if the Lord wants us to have a freezer, he will provide one."

I put the entire issue out of my head, and forgot about asking Steve to get us a freezer.  Anyway, I had too much to do to dwell on that.

About a day or so later, I received a phone call from a friend.  She said that another family had moved and left their large chest freezer behind...would we like to have it?

All I could do was look upward and smile.  Of course.  Of course, the Lord would take care of this major detail for our special gathering.  He can part the Red Sea.  He can move mountains.  He can make oil last eight nights when there is only enough for one.  He can easily arrange for me to have a needed freezer.

The Lord doesn't always reach in and give us just what we think that we need in every situation.  But from time to time, his hand is obviously revealed.

Today, especially, I pray that the Lord will reach in and reveal his hand in a situation that I care very much about.  I hope that I can have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, and that the unchangeable, Father of us all, will work miracles in all of our lives.

Thank you, Cara for conducting this very meaningful part of our Thanksgiving evening!

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PS - Almost forgot to mention...My sister Cara wrote a song a while back.  She put the words to My Gospel Standards to music.  I taught it to my children and together with some of her kids, we sang the song to her.  It is a special song to us, and she is a special person for creating something that my kids can use to feel confident in living their beliefs.  Thank you, Cara!