Monday, December 16, 2013

Guy's Baptism

Finally, we are getting to the "the main event!"  The reason why we all gathered in the first place: Guy's Baptism!

Here we are together!  All of us...surrounding Guy with our love and encouragement.  It was the one moment of the weekend, seconds before the baptismal service began, when I could get a picture with all of us in it!  Not an incredible lighting situation, but cherished nonetheless.

The one thing that I'd like to always remember about Guy's baptism...well two things...First, how prepared he was to be baptized and what a strong, sweet testimony he has.  Second, and most poignantly, was the most amazing look that was on his face and in his eyes when he came out of the water.

I am not sure that there is a word in the English language that could quite describe how joyful and delighted he looked.  He was shining brightly and was just thrilled to be where he was, doing what he was doing.  If he weren't dripping wet, I think he might have floated away.  Glad he didn't!

Later, Guy told me that he felt the spirit especially strong two different times during the baptismal service.  The first time was when his Papa (Grandpa Hatch) said during his talk that although Guy was surrounded by so many family and friends...even if none of them were here, and instead it was just Guy, his Dad (performing the baptism) and two witnesses, it would be just as special and valid...and that today he makes a covenant with God.

The second time he said he felt the spirit was when he came out of the water.  And boy did it show!

After the baptism, we partied in the cultural hall. 

Here is Guy celebrating with a bunch of boy cousins...who share his affinity for bow ties.  They purposefully wore them as a tribute to Guy.

(Thanks Cody for apparently teaching my kids how to "pose" for photos...
and what it means to photo bomb.)

Then there's Scarlett.  Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett.

Living it up...with all these handsome cousins around, who wouldn't?

I wish I would have been able to get more photos of everyone there, but alas, other details needed being tended to...the most important things were done, and that's what counts.

Here is Guy with his friend Max, our neighbor from the old neighborhood....and the girls with Max's little sister.  These kids have been our best little buddies in the neighborhood since they all were we were very happy they could join us for Guy's special day.

And in the picture below...Guy with his teacher Sister Hauck.  Great, great lady!

And I guess that's all I have to say!

Other than that when he was finally baptized, I felt I could let out a sigh of relief.

Guy has now stepped foot squarely on "the covenant path."

One down...three more to go!

Next up:  Gingerbread Houses!


  1. I can tell that you enjoyed the moments on this one!

  2. What a wonderful day! We'll be experiencing this for the first time in about six months. I love all your ideas!