Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obedience to Law is Liberty

Just dropping in to say "hi!"

And I hope your summer is going great!  We had General Conference Book Club today, and this summer, as our kids are learning the teachings of the prophets and apostles, we've been posting their words in a place where they can easily read them.  And I've been giving "pop quizzes" to Guy to see if he can name and identify the Brethren.  Soon, those "quizzes" will include one-liners from their most recent talks.

Today's quote was from L. Tom Perry, "Obedience to law is liberty."

I like that.  It pretty much sums up General Conference for me.

And although it has seemed fairly lawless around this house this summer (haha), it is certainly a place of happiness and liberty.

My friend Anita sent me a link to this blog post that appeared on Deseret News recently, and it really touched me.  So for all of you Mothers out there trying to survive in the wild-wild-West, also known as having kids home for the summer...this blog post is for you:

PS - My baby started standing...she's only 7 months!  Stand-down, baby! :)


  1. Love the title of that post, so I will go check it out...


  2. what a joyous time you are having as a mom!

  3. I'm glad that summer is going well for you. Recently, I started listening to GC as I hike or run in the mornings. One of the things I'm learning to do is to recognize the Apostles by their voices. It has been a pretty neat experience.

    Additionally, I love hearing the message over and over again, I can see how much it has helped my soul. :)

    I love your idea for a real-life general conference book club

  4. I loved this one and I think it is awesome that your little one is standing up at 7 months. I suspect you have a mover on your hands. I
    I have been trying to tell my grandchildren that if they are obedient it gives them more freedom because then their parents trust them more.
    Blessings for a wonderful summer!