Sunday, June 2, 2013

"He is There...Even When I Am Not Perfect" by Stephanie Campbell

Today, we have a testimony from my good friend Stephanie Campbell.  I feel like I've known Stephanie for a very long time, because I knew someone who knew her in the last place where we lived.  Anyway, she is a great example to me of quiet service, of loving others, and of being true to who you are.  She also has such a fun personality and sense of humor that is very refreshing.  Here's Stephanie:

I grew up the only girl with one older and one younger brother. My parents divorced when I was about 15.  I chose to live with my father. I was very active in the Methodist church I grew up in. I was a youth leader there and also in charge of the sound system for the church. 

For many years I kept praying for something more in my life in the church area. I knew that there was something more out there?

One day I saw an advertisement in the TV Guide for the Book of Mormon. So I sent away for it. It came, but I never really did anything with it! 

Every day after it arrived, maybe weekly, the Church would call at supper time and ask if I was interested in having the missionaries stop by and give me a lesson.  I kept telling them no.

Growing up I didn't really know my dad's side of the family. We never did anything with them. I didn't know that any people in my dad's family were members.  It turns out my aunt Kay was a member. 

So one day there was an open house at the church- with missionaries and members. I went there, and I knew almost instantly that this was what I had been looking for!!  I don't remember all the details of the open house, but after attending the open house at church, I started having the discussions in my home.

It was good!  The missionaries challenged me to read the Book of Mormon, and to start following the Word of Wisdom.  So I did! 

I read the BofM that weekend--in just three days!  I couldn't stop reading once I started.  I had been a big tea drinker, but I stopped that right away which was hard.  I didn't realize I was so addicted!

Things at my house were a little awkward.  My dad wasn't nice to the missionaries. I felt embarassed at how he acted, so we had the discussions in a member's house. 

We met every week for some time. I knew the discussions backwards and forward. Each time a new Elder would come, we would start the discussions over--giving the newbie practice. 

I grew to love the Gospel and wanted to be baptized. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to, because I had to have parental permission, and my father didn't agree with the church. 

So I had to wait almost a year until an aunt who lived with us and was my guardian while my father was away as a truck driver. Eventually she gave me permission.  I was baptized on December 1, 1991.  

I remember the day very well.  One of the missionaries baptized me.  He dunked me in the water and immediately I felt like a new person!  

I was in the dressing room when someone came in and said I had to go back in the font. I thought they were joking!  It turns out that the Elder forgot to say one of the words, so he had to do it again. 

After the baptism I was given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I remember crying, and I remember feeling the spirit so strongly.   

During the baptism I remember the bishop saying that he had never seen so many people at a baptism. There was only standing room in the Primary room (which is quite large)!

After being baptized, I continued to grow in the Gospel and continued my Seminary studies.  I started attending seminary when I wasn't even a member.  I continued with my progress in the Young Women's program.  Because I came into the program late, I didn't have to do all the YW requirements, but I did all that was required!

The people that were instrumental in my progression in the church were:

Debbie Trump (Boyer) - When she was married to her first husband, we held the discussions there every week. 

Kelvin and Sara Christensen- They gave me a ride each week and welcomed me to their home many times during the week.

Judy Smith- She encouraged me to attend Young Women's activities and came from Lewisburg to pick me up each week. She helped me to be an example.

Sister Scott-(Sunbury Ward) - She was my home-study seminary teacher. Her class was not easy.  It required studying the scriptures and doing the work each and every day!

Throughout the years I have traveled the world while in the Navy. I was able to go to church in many different countries.  I witnessed that the Church was the same no matter where I was.  The Gospel was true!  I did struggle for a few years, but continued to go to church. After 5 years I got out of the navy and returned to Pennsylvania.

My faith and testimony of the Church have continued to grow. I know that the Church is true. I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who understands me and is there even though I am not perfect. He continues to strengthen me each and every day. I love the scriptures and try to read them regularly even when I struggle. 

Thank you, Stephanie!

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  1. fun to hear stories of conversion-how about the conversion of a life long member baptized at 8...

    1. The first testimony I shared from Amber fits that description. She was baptized at 8.

  2. Yes, thank you Stephanie for a lovely conversion story. I loved your determination and desire to hang in there until you were baptized. You are an awesome example.
    Blessings and hugs!

  3. What a great conversion story. Thanks for sharing it, Stephanie!