Wednesday, July 3, 2013


You guys remember in December, when we built that sweet igloo?

Well, now Steve is building a treehouse...and the kids are so psyched.

The floorboards are up...but it's not completely solid yet.

WE went up in it today...

...ALL of us.

And I'm not going to sugar-coat it.  It was a wee bit shaky.

And my kids are way braver than I am.  I was so scared climbing that ladder!

Knowing Steve, though, this thing will be a very stylist, indestructable fortress by the time he is done with it.

And Guy is going to feel like a king in his little clubhouse in the trees.

I hope you guys are having fun and making some special memories with your family...whatever you are up to this summer!


  1. Love this! We are building a tree house this week also! They make for the best of memories!!

  2. a tree house that isn't built in a tree, how!

    1. Actually it IS built in a tree. Look at the last photo. It is about 9 feet in the air!

  3. You guys rock!!!! My kids have been asking for a treehouse but we don't have a good tree to use. I think we will have to get them a playhouse instead someday! Hope you are having a splendid summer!

    1. Yeah, that was one of the major "dream come true" qualities of this new house...the fact that we could finally built a any number of trees!