Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Me & Cliff Huxtable

I'm still here!!!

The hurricane didn't get us.

At least, we didn't lose power.

And the day full of contractions didn't put me in the hospital (as I had hoped that it would!)

I'm feeling a bit like Cliff Huxtable today:  large and totally not in charge! :)

But at least I can see the humor in it...being pregnant, that is!

I have to say that I think this episode of the Cosby show is one of the funniest I've ever seen.  Hilarious, yet sweet in true Cosby-fashion.  (Plus it has a cameo from one of my favorite character actors.)

At the end of this episode, in which Cliff dreams that he and his male family members are all pregnant and give birth, he leans over to his wife and says, "I love you so much.  And I love women.  I think women are the most wonderful people on the face of this earth." 

Thanks, Bill Cosby...I think so too...but men are most wonderful as well...good strong, sensitive men who support the women around them.  They put up with so much, but miss out on all of "our fun!"  Yet, they still do it...and try their best to understand!  I dedicate this post to my husband who is one of those great men!


  1. You're right. That show was one of their best!

    Hope labor happens soon!


  2. LOVE that episode!!! My husband just doesn't get why I find it so funny lol :) That little baby will be here before you know it!!! Sounds like you are still finding humor in the situation which is always a big plus!! Good luck!!!

  3. I forgot to add "all for one and one for all and three for five" :)

  4. Glad you are all safe and sound! It would have been wild to have a baby in a hurricane :) Though I think that actually happens quite often because pressure changes often put women into labor (snow storms seem to do it out here in Utah)! I am so excited for you... enjoy the last little while that you get to have that sweet little one kicking inside of you!

    And you know... I think that deep down inside all men are totally jealous of our incredible power to create new life and feed it. Even if they don't realize it they are :) It is a pretty cool super power!

    Keeping you and that little baby in my prayers!

  5. PS. My offering today is a Halloween story poem if you'd like to take a look before the 31st passes us by:

    Halloween Horror: A Ghostly Tale

  6. Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad you're all doing well. Love and Hugs!!

  7. Hang in there, glad the worst of the storm is over...

  8. I'm so glad you didn't get hit too bad! Hopefully that baby comes soon!