Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's About that Time...

It's General Conference time...and we are excited...EXCITED.

I told the kids "No crafting," until it's time for General Conference...No writing on your special notebooks...nada.  They aren't really listening though.

Scarlett decided to make "General Conference Bracelets" for everyone in our family...even a tiny one for the baby.  She's a cute little homemaker.

Autumn is prepping our General Conference Wall...

And now we are going to run around town and get the wiggles out before the real party starts!  Hope you tune in!  And ENJOY General Conference!


  1. Hooray! GC is pretty awesome so far. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

  2. exciting news with the younger missionary age...

  3. Wonderful, beautiful children. I love conference weekend!