Wednesday, October 3, 2012

General Conference Question Wall

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We spent FHE talking about General Conference on Monday night.

We played a game where we tried to identify our leaders by just hearing their voices from last conference.  And we talked about how the questions that we posed before conference last time were all answered.

Then we made a new list of questions that we have for the Lord.

Instead of listing them in one long list, we gave each question its own page on our General Conference Wall.  Whenever we hear something that might potentially answer or give guidance to our questions, we can run over to the wall and write it down under the appropriate question.

Each child came up with their questions on the fly, but I was still impressed with what they wanted to know.  Guy said that he wanted to feel the spirit and asked "How can I feel the Holy Ghost?"  Scarlett asked "How can we follow Jesus?"  And Autumn simply said, "I love you Jesus," but I turned it into a question with do you love me?  

We talked about how sometimes we know the we know that Jesus loves us, but it's easy to it's OK to ask the Lord questions again to gain a better testimony and deeper understanding of how he loves us, of how we can better feel the Holy Ghost or why we need to follow Jesus...And looking to the words of the living prophets is an excellent way to find the answers that we seek.

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  1. how sweet-great preparation for conference!

  2. What a great idea. So glad I looked at this today, in time for this weekend :) Thanks!

  3. I love this, its such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love your blog. You are so inspirational. I love how real you are too. =)

  5. I love how you prepare your family for conference...something I'll have to try. I've never been the type to "prepare" for conference other than reading past conference talks and praying. I love the idea of asking questions or looking for guidance.

    This conference, I'm trying to find some specific advice for the first time. I want to find six main points that I can focus on improving for the next six months. I'm really looking forward to conference. :)