Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introducing Young Readers to the Book of Mormon

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I stumbled upon this great little activity while searching for Book of Mormon coloring pages this morning for the kids to color before church.

It's a great way to "introduce" young readers to the Book of Mormon!

Basically, you just print out the free download called "Books of The Book of Mormon" at LDS Notebooking.  It gives you a simple list of the titles of each book.  I had Guy cut out each title and put them in order.  To do this, I encouraged him to thumb through the Book of Mormon page by page to figure out what order the books should go in on his paper.  As he put the titles in order, he glued them to a little worksheet that is part of the download.

What I like about this activity is that it is so simple and it's right on Guy's level.

He can do it all by himself and it gets him flipping through and exploring the book on his own (outside of regular family scripture study time).

There are a lot of good things on this site.  I'll be going back often.

PS - Just wanted to throw this in there as an afterthought:

Underlining is a great way for kids to get acquainted with scriptures.  Guy has taken to underlining words that he knows and recognizes.  He is mimicking what he sees us do and also building a relationship with words and their meaning in scriptures.


  1. fun ideas, have also seen stickers that you can put on certain topics/stories...

  2. this is a great idea and I need to share this with Billy & Jennifer for the girls.

  3. Thanks for the great link, we'll be using these soon I'm sure.