Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"I like yow hol intir famle."

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As predicted, yesterday was eventful...in a good way, for us anyway.

For FHE, we first talked to the kids (ages 3, 4, 6) about sex.  We taught them about this about a year ago, and it went well.  We used (again) the book recommended by Deilia during the first Family Proclamation Celebration called "The Way Your Body Works" by Bernard Stonehouse et al.  This was a follow up to the discussion that we had with the kids over the weekend about modesty and avoiding p*rnography, using my talking points "God Gave You a Body."  It facilitated a great discussion.  If you haven't used it yet, I recommend that you do so...soon!

The next thing we did was wrote letters to extended family.

I love what Guy wrote to a cousin, "I like yow hol intir famle."

Now yesterday was also a sad and tragic day for anyone watching or experiencing the school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, which is near where I grew up.  

As I watch world events unfold each day, I can see how Family Home Evening is such a protection from the storms of life.

We send our children out into a world that is filled with turmoil and spiritual & physical dangers.  But when they return home, especially on Monday nights, there is a safe place where we can experience and cultivate peace together.  

Thank goodness for FHE.

PS - Be sure to check out Catania's FHE from last night!


  1. "The talk"...how brave of you to start with the kids so young and how smart!! I haven't done that with B but did talk to my son when he was 5 and again more openly when he was 11 and going to be going into middle school. Whew what a change in your kids then - they are exposed to so much so fast. Bravo to you

  2. Jocelyn ChristensenTuesday, February 28, 2012

    Thanks, Edye.  I want to be the one to tell  my kids this stuff before others do.  And it was actually not awkward at all, because Guy was so young when we first started talking about it.  I received that advice from a blogging friend who guest posted for me two years ago.  She said, "We teach our children about all of their body parts when they are so young, then we sorta skip over the private parts.  Do you think they don't notice?" :)  I'd like them to go to school knowing everything.  Knowledge is power.  It does make me sad that they have to know so much so early.  It used to be that adults "carried" some information for their children until they were ready for it.  But the way the world is, sexuality is being rammed down their throats through media every day.  I want them to know as much as possible, so that they can choose wisely and not let anyone take advantage of their youth and innocence.  My parents were pretty open about that stuff too with us...and frank! :)

  3. While talking with his young scouts on camp (12 yo), my DH learned that in "Sex Ed" this year, they get to see a computer animated version of intercourse.  He was both dismayed at the information and how it is presented in school, and glad that we have already been having these talks with our children. 

    I think it is wonderful that your children know what their bodies do, how it works and how to reverance them.  How else are we to respect the wonderful and beautiful power of pro-creation if we do not know what a sacred thing it is.  All too often our children learn in a setting such as school where the information is not presented in a sacred manner.

    Thank goodness for FHE and being able in our home life to teach our children these sacred things.

  4. thank goodness for a Heavenly Father that gives us watch guards and families to protect and teach us...

  5. I'm so glad my teaching ideas worked out for your family. (phew) I know that everyone has to decide what works best for them, so I was happy to hear of your success. As I read the comments, I see that things are quickly changing in our schools (animated sex ed). I loved your "God Gave You a Body" and will be sharing that with my grandkids and link it to my homeschool blog--you have great ideas.

  6. Gotta love the phonetically spelled note. The letters chosen AND their meaning...


  7. Thanks Jocelyn, if that's our Ella.  We have had an especially difficult few weeks with kids and exposure.  I think Sadie's vocabulary has grown by at least five derogatory words in the last week alone. Too many talks have occurred in a short amount of time. But FHE has kept us together and I think it improves our communication. Last night we talked about families and when I asked EVan who he calls when he just wants to talk about bikes and fun stuff and he said, "My brother Steve."

  8. Computer generated, huh?  That's so strange...But yeah, I don't mind talking about this stuff with my kids...It's natural.  It's normal.  Why wouldn't I be the one to clue them in about it? :)  I teach them everything else!  Why not teach them what power they possess in their bodies! :)  Thanks!

  9. Oh, I'm feelin' for ya, I keep meaning to call and find out how it went with Sadie! :)

  10. oh Miss Autumn...I see the pen you are using!  Love you

  11. I haven't been checking any blogs lately bc we are in the middle of moving and my time is sucked up.  Glad to check yours today bc I had no idea about the school shooting.  So sad!  The importance of keeping families connected and knowing what's up with your kids.  

  12. Jocelyn, I got that book by Stonehouse from the recommendations here and I was appalled at what was written on the pages about sexual behavior. The pictures work well for teaching kids about this topic, but what the books says is HORRIBLE! I'm getting rid of this book ASAP. Here's an example of what it says, "Though love-making is primarily a social activity, its reproductive function has not disappeared." WHAT?!? Anyway, I don't know if you've read the book or just used the pictures. But people ought to know what they are getting into with that book.

    1. Thank you Holly. Because of your comment I went back and read that section word for word. I actually think the book stays true to its purposes which is to give an accurate description of the body and its functions from a scientific perspective. It is definitely not intended to teach morals or standards, strictly science. I took the quote that you shared as more of an aside than an endorsement...from a social science perspective however the statement is in fact true. Although from our perspective we'd reverse it according to our priorities. Anyway it is definitely a book to be used by parents with discretion and wisdom as they feel it might help teach what is necessary. We used it for the illustrations only since our children were pre-readers. I stand by my recommendation though and luckily upon review there were quite a few other statements that I did appreciate...such as the mention in the first paragraph that although animals act on reflex humans choose the way that we behave. To me that is a key piece of information. But I would understand if the book just isn't for you. It's hard to read unless you take a strictly scientific approach. This is definitely not a book that I leave lying around the house!! But it is helpful and does not mince words! I've said enough....I am trying not to put my foot in my mouth right now! ;)