Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you remember?

It's Pop Quiz time again:

Do you remember the five things that President Uchtdorf asked us to "Forget Not" last fall?

If not...better brush up!

Here are some hints:


1. to be ______ with _______.

2.  the difference ________ ____ ___ ________ __________.

3.  to __ _____ now.

4. the ___ of the ______.

5.  that the Lord _____ ___.

Watch the talk...or click here to see if you got the right answers to tonight's Pop Quiz!

Good luck!

By the way...the page with the graphic that I created to help us remember President Uchtdorf's words has been viewed over 23,000 times.  So you guys better not forget! :)  That talk was about way more than flowers!  

(Don't worry, I needed a refresher course too!)


  1. I had forgotten them already.

    Ah well, such is the memory of an almost-60-year-old.