Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teaching Children to Take Time...

I'm happy to introduce you to a fellow Pennsylvania Mama, 
the amazingly creative Sleepy Time Gal!
Nicole supports Yoga for Congo, a cause that I also believe in.
We also realized a while ago that we have the same great taste in friends!
Without further adieu, here's Nicole!


{I am Nicole Shiffler-- I play wife, mother (of four), homeschooler, baker and creator by day and Sleepy Time Gal blogger by night.}

The virtues of love and service are rapidly becoming a lost art. Self gratification and selfishness is commonplace.  To reach beyond oneself and look for and care for the needs of others takes love and time. 

In the Family Proclamation, we as parents "have a sacred duty to... teach (our children) to love and serve one another..."  Before I can even begin to teach them those precious virtues, I must teach them to take the time for such important things.   To love and serve another person requires first that we put down what we are doing and give of one of our most valuable assets: our time.  

Because I have young children, one of the ways I've introduced them to "taking the time" to love and serve others is by making homemade creations to give to others.  In our house we spend a lot of time brainstorming, sketching, planning, and then actually creating gifts.  Gifts could be for birthdays, holidays, friends, family, and each other.  Not only are we giving something of ourselves that we have tangibly made, but more importantly, we're giving of our time in the process of showing our love.

Some of our favorite homemade gifts that we make together (and their tutorials) can be found here. 

It is a wonderful experience when my children are invited to a birthday party to hear them plan out what they want to do and make for their friend.  This is love and service.  

Another tradition of "taking the time" to love and serve is pulling out our writing box on Sunday mornings.  We talk about who may be sad, lonely, sick, or needing some love or gratitude and then we write.  Some draw pictures, others write what they're thankful for.   We then send our love, wrapped in an envelope, in the mail.  It is introducing my children to the old fashioned skill of handwritten letters to say "thank you" or "I love you."  It forces us to slow down and stop to think of others.

 There are moments everyday that could be used to teach our children to love, to help, to nurture one another.  When we begin to look for these moments, we will begin to see the great needs around us and in turn, change the world, one child at a time.

Thank you, Nicole!

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Here is another look at this week's prizes:

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  1. Oh she is a very creative lady.

  2. exactly...and staying connected is what keeps things going.

  3. What very important lesson to teach our children.

  4. sweet ideas and great learning examples for her little ones to serve and think of others. so important.

  5. I love the writing box idea! We try to teach our children to send hand written letters as well but I like that you have a set time to do it.

  6. Thank you for this post! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

  7. I loved this post especially since it is something I am working on with my kids this year. I have a fun service project going on on my blog this week! http://thethingsilovemost.blogspot.com/

    Jocelyn, I am loving this month of Celebrating the Family! Thanks for putting this together!

  8. Great, great, great! And such sweet pictures! Thank you for this:) I'm learning so much, be reminded of awesome things, and getting great ideas with this celebration:):)

  9. I agree. I know I need to put down other things and teach my children more about love and service, starting with love and service from mom.

  10. What a great mom! And a wonderful example of how to teach our children.


  11. Thanks for the great ideas. And a great reminder to slow down and give of ourselves.

  12. I love getting thank you notes from others! It's a great thing to teach children to be of service.

  13. It is a great principle. We've started by doing something simple - we are mailing the coloring pages my boys do in nursery to one great grandmother or the other. They could both use the cheer and know that we are thinking about them. And I'm sure they much prefer the colored pages than the silly cards I never seem to buy.

  14. I love your photos and words. Great ideas and a reminder for me. And glad to find another homeschooling mom!

  15. Great post! Love the pictures and ideas! Sleepytime gal has an AWESOME blog!