Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Me In Real Life

This is me in real life.

This is the man I love.

These are the children who light up my life.

This is them acting normal.

This is my niece Ella wearing the necklace I whipped up for her on the 4th.

She's lovely, just like her Mom.

This is my son Guy enjoying a kiss from his cousin Zachery. 

This is my daughter and me during our neighborhood 4th of July Parade. 

These are the friends who joined us.

These are the cousins during "pinata lessons".

There is so much to tell from my adventures in the "real" world, but for now I must sign off.

I've got beaches to explore, sunsets to watch, gardens to water...oh, and my son wants an Oreo cookie....(and apparently won't rest until he gets one.)  Good-bye again for now.

And thank you to family members who joined us this weekend.
We had a wonderful time with each of you!


  1. YAY YOUR BACK!!!! I am so happy to see everyone is doing well and I love to see all these photos every year...what a wonderful time you all have and I am so happy Cara was there with you...Lots of love & hugs to everyone.

  2. I love the kissing photo. Cute, cute!

  3. Love this post Jocelyn! I think I've been way too busy with real life to even think about recording it. Shame on me. I need to do better. I am trying! Hope you're enjoying your summer and feeling well. :)