Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping It Simple. Keeping It Real.

My blog is rather simplistic.

Have you noticed?

If you've found your way here...CONGRATS!
It was probably through word of mouth, and I mean that literally.  
Someone probably told you to come.

Why isn't my blog fancy?
Why don't I have ads and doo-hickies galore?

Well, first, it's because I'm simple.
Second, I'm a busy Mom (and I bet you are too).
Third, my blog serves me and my mission, not the other way around.

My hope is that the format gets the message across to other Moms out there who are trying to do what's right by their families.

I'm not looking to get much more intricate, but I would like to hear if you have any suggestions for improvements on my site, the content or how things are laid out....questions for me are also welcome.

I did add a "Like" button to my posts tonight.

Not sure what that'll do, but if it helps more people find what they are searching for, 
then I'll certainly "like" that.

Click on the Like button, won't you?
And let's see what happens.


  1. I clicked and nothing happened? I'm having problems on my blog with Chinese spammers so changed some controls since then I've gotten no comments. Not sure what's going on. But I changed everything back. I enjoy your blog and recalling my life as a busy working mom raising sons...

  2. Hmmm...I think you have to be logged in to FB perhaps? Computers are so finicky sometimes!

  3. Yesterday I started an email to you about just this topic but wasn't sure how to proceed. You answered a lot of my questions. One question that isn't answered is how did you get the "you might also like" at the bottom of each post? Thanks for your friendship and as always be well. Sending you my best.

  4. I think it linked it to my facebook page, but I'm not sure because I can't find it now lol!

  5. Wendy, click on the words "LinkWithin" in light grey on the right side just below the "you might also like" row and it will take you to the site where you can very easily create one of these for your blog. I'll help you if you need help.

  6. I 'liked ' this post! I think you have a wonderful blog... dont change a thing!
    Ps whats the something something?

  7. I like simple, it's easier to get to the point. I also love your blog and thanks for the award! Keep your blog the way it is, I think it's awesome:-D

  8. I love your blog and its mission just the way it is!

  9. That's why I read your blog! No fluff, no pretenses...just good, simple stuff!

  10. I agree with everyone that your blog is great the way it is!! Thanks for your great example!