Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming in August: Life Lessons Preschool

My number one and only son is starting preschool this fall.
I am happy for him.
He is so bright, talented, sweet, and amazing.
I will miss him terribly.

Instead of letting it break my heart into a million pieces (am I a Mother, or what?), I've decided to take just make sure he is as prepared for preschool as he can be.

Prepared for Preschool?  What?
I know.  I told you.  I am kind of hard core.

But just to clarify, I think he's already ready.  I think he could go straight into kindergarten and do exceptionally well, and I wouldn't be worried one bit.

I totally trust that he'll have wonderful teachers and that they will lead him down the path of academia with care and hopefully great skill.

But there are things that I want to teach him myself.

Things that I don't want him to leave my home not knowing.
Things like:  "We love you no matter what."  "You can dream big dreams."  "Enjoy learning."
"Work hard."  "See the good in others."  "You can make good choices, regardless of what others do."

Most of these things, I believe I have shown him or taught by example.
But I don't like to let important things go unsaid.

So in the month that I have left before I send my beautiful first-born out into the big bad world, I will be telling him things that I think are important for him to know in life...things that no one else will tell him, but me (and his daddy, of course).

I'm sure we'll teach him these things over and over again until he turns 18.
But this is a start.

I will share these lessons with you as well as the educational activities that I like to do with my kids during the dead of winter here in Pennsylvania.  Some people stock up on food all summer long, but as a Mother of small children, I am busy gathering fun activities for us to do in the bleak mid-winter!  Hopefully you will find them useful.

So stay-tuned for "Life Lessons Preschool" and my list of "Busy Work".
And please email me if you have suggestions that you'd like me to share with others.


  1. phew...I thought he was going to Kindergarten and I wondered....did I miss a year? Then I reread and was relieved.

    I hope all the good things for you both but in this world of so many (hate this word but am going to use it anyway) disfunctional families, some teachers may come out of such environment and might not be the Mrs. Glover we all hope for all our kids. So be ever vigilant and vigilante. Love you Guy!

  2. hi preschool, a new time of adjusting for both mom and child. you sound like you are doing a wonderful job with raising all your children.

  3. Awesome, You're such a good mommy. some people can't wait for their kids to get out of the house, and don't do much with them besides what they learn in school. You definatly know the importance of your roll as a mom to be their main teacher no matter where they go to school. Awesome! I am excited to get some good ideas. I think my little guy is the same age as yours!!

  4. I understand you clearly. My daughter will be starting preschool soon and I'm going to miss her so. Goodluck to you and your son, I'm sure he'll have heaps of fun FUN FUN!

  5. Well said . . . I think you speak on behalf of so many moms!

  6. he's already learned so much because of his caliber of parents...

  7. Okay I just want to eat that face. In a good way. What a doll. I am sending my last to kindergarten! It gets easier I promise. And they will remember what they learned from their mom. I promise.

  8. What a beautiful post! I'm glad I have a few years before I start thinking of school for my own kiddos. But I like how you are trying to instill some good basic thoughts of knowledge in his mind.
    I'll have to work on that.