Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Our Senses Tell Us About Christ

We had a very interesting Family Home Evening tonight that began as a lesson about our senses and become much more.  First of all, Family Home Evening or F.H.E. is our opportunity to spend time and have fun together as a family every Monday night.  It is also a wonderful chance to share the basic truths of the gospel with each other.

My husband Steve planned an activity during which our children (ages 3 years, 20 months, and 3 months) had to use their senses to discover what objects Steve had hidden under a blanket.  They used their ears to hear a tambourine, their hands to feel a soft stuffed animal, and their eyes to see a block.  They used their tongues to distinguish between two small piles of granuals on a plate--learning by tasting that one pile was sugar and the other salt.  

Steve explained to them that the Lord has given us our senses so that we can experience, understand, and discern things in the world around us.  He gave us our senses because he wants us to use them to be happy.  The children absolutely loved this lesson.  It really clicked with them.

Steve then explained to the children that we have been given another sense of feeling that is very special--our hearts.  He told them that we use our hearts and minds to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost and that this is another important sense that God has given us that we can use to know and understand him.

We paused for a some rice crispie treats and continued on this theme of using our senses to discern things when I chose a scripture out of the Book of Mormon to read to them before they hopped into bed.  I showed them a few pictures of Jesus Christ, and we talked about how they can look at pictures of Christ and that because of the Book of Mormon, we know that many people have actually seen Christ in person.  

Because of this record, we know that many people not only saw him, but they heard him speak, and they felt the wounds in his hands and feet.  And we know that someday, we too will see his face and we will have the opportunity to do likewise, allowing all of our senses to confirm what we know now and feel in our hearts is true, that Christ lives.  

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  1. i think it's great that you are teaching your little ones about the savior at such an early age. check my blog you got tagged...aunt lin